Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Cheats

Kreludan Blade! ((( its free! ))
Once you have saved Bogshot, go to the blacksmith. Talk to him. He will ask you if you would go find Kreludan metal. The hardest metal in Neopia! If you agree to it, you might get a blade for free. Its a very strong blade too. He will tell you to take this key and go to Drackonack village. *groans* I know, I hate that place too. But its worth it. You go to the village and look at your map. It tells you to go inside a mountain thing. Go inside, once you ahve found the right pasage way, the button to enter will come up. Beware, on the other side of that door is a WHOLE bunch of skeletons. If you just keep running past them, you can still get the metal. After you find your way to the glowing metal, you see green glowing rocks. Go around and run around at them until you pick up some of the metal. Once you have the chunk of metal, find your way back to the blacksmith Grimnar. He will make the blade for free.