Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Bogshot Swamp
First to get the white bog berry you have to find a mini island and on it is the bogberry. The second one you have to hop on the platforms then see if you can find another island. Then for the last bogberry you have to fight the Plague Serpant. It's really a Darigan Hissi though. Here is how to beat it:

First, jump on a platform. The Plague Serpant will come up from the water and hiss. With Tor, you hold up your sheild after it hisses twice. If you hold it up at the wrong time he will use poisen gas. If you time it right he will hit your shield and fall over. You can either hop down and hit him or switch to Roberta and blast him from the platform. After a bit he will destroy some platforms. Keep doing that. After a while there will be only one platform. Now, he can freeze you. Do the same thing. When he dies, you can get the bogberries