Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Defeating the Darkest Faerie
When you've gotten to the point in the game when your about to defeat the Darkest Faerie,
She will blast Fyora's Rod into the ground.
Faerie Land will start to fall, and you must defeat the Darkest Faerie in a time limit
of 3 minutes. Otherwise, Faerie Land will fall ontop of Meridell and both lands will be destroyed. So how do you defeat her in 3 minutes? Use my tips and find out!!!

First, the Darkest Faerie will summon her minions to come and attack you. You MUST defeat all of her minions before you can take a shot at beating her. Once you've gotten rid of all her minions you must attach a SuperNova mote to your sword and leap up and slash her. After a while you will be able to play as Roberta and
shoot the Darkest Faerie with SuperNova magic balls. Good luck!