Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

The Skeleton Draik
While you are going after Fyora's Rod in the lower dungeons of Meridell Castle, you will have to face a giant skeleton Draik. First, make sure you have a powerful water mote and a powerful lava mote. Now, wait for when he spits out orange or blue fire balls. After a while he'll stop shooting the fireballs. Look at his ribcage.
If it has a yellowish-orange fireball in it, equip your sheild with a fire or lava mote and block his fire attacks. Tor is best to use. While he is dazed, equip your sword with a SuperNova mote and wack him as many times as you can. Next time, watch for a dark blue fireball
in his ribcage. Eqiup your sheild with a Powerful
Water mote and block his attacks again. Continue
this until his life meter runs out. Be sure to explore around after you defeat him. You get
ancient armour in one of the chests you open!
*TIP* Go behind the falling fire and look around. On a platform right behind the lava flow, you will see a Lava mote!