Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Goodies at Tor's Farm!
In Act 1, when you are at Tor's Farm, there are three fields. There are goodies in two of these fields. The fields you should go to have fences around the entrance. In one field there is a shed, go in and open the chest and you'll get some neopoints. In the other field, there looks to be a crumbling well or something. In the cornfield, near the well, is a big hole. Jump down the hole and open the chest. I believe you get some neopoints, but it could be something different. *I would wait until after you get the package from Dad before you do these so you'll already have all the other little quests out of the way. **If you can't find the hole to get into the well, just run around in the well, you'll jump over the hole when you get to it.