Neighbors From Hell review
An original game that proves to be a lot of fun!

The good:

- Easy to use controls. The game is quick to learn and can be picked up by anybody.
- Original gameplay which is a lot of fun.
- Excellent, fun graphics.

The bad:

- Perhaps a little short.


In Neighbours From Hell, you must creep around your neighbour's house, performing tricks upon the neighbour without getting caught.
To do this, you must collect items from around the house and use them to get up the traps and tricks.

The house is viewed as a cross section - a bit like a dollshouse - and to move around, you simply click somewhere in the house and Woody (your character) will walk there. You can also right-click to tiptoe.
The game is in the style of a TV show: each level is a different "episode" and the 14 levels are split in to 3 different seasons.

The game is set over 14 varied levels (and 3 short tutorials), and each has its own theme. For example, there is a level called "Birthday Surprises" in which the neighbour celebrates his birthday with a cake upstairs, and then checks the letterbox for birthday cards downstairs. The sequence is repeated continuously and you must creep from room to room while the neighbour is busy in another room.
More levels will be unlocked as you complete earlier levels.
The game may be a little short, but the varied levels save it in this respect.

You are given a time limit in each level, in which you must complete a certain number of tricks on the neighbour. You are given a "viewer rating", depending on how many tricks you performed, and which order you performed them in. (If you can chain certain tricks together, your rating will increase). You will need a certain viewer rating - say 60% - to complete the level.

The graphics are fun and cartoony, and watching some of the tricks unfold can be quite funny. You will laugh out loud at some of these tricks.
You really can't appreciate the unique graphics until you play the game itself.

The sound fits the game very well. The music is in the style of a big-band. There are many sound effects used to accompany the tricks: from the neighbour's dog barking and wimpering when it sees you, to the slapstick "boing" sounds when the neighbour slips on a banana skin. You will even hear audience laughter when a trick is performed.

All in all, Neighbours From Hell is a game you should definitely check out. It's nice that JoWood have presented us with a game that is totally original from anything else out there.

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