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Speed, Speed, SPEED!!

The good:

- Good Graphics.
- Good Music.
- Good Gameplay.
- Costumization.
- Many Cars.
- Few Easter Eggs.
- Online mode.

The bad:

- No Storyline.
- No Replay Value.
- No Voice Acting.
- Short.
- Very Hard And Easy At The Same Time.
- Unfair.


Need for speed games are very good. This one was very good, but it has many negative points that affect the score of the game.

The graphics are actually very good. The select menu is very detailed. The cars have awesome looks. When you customize them, they look awesome and colorful.
In races, you can also see everything clearly, it doesn't matter how fast you go, the chances of not looking anything don't exist. You have a clear view on the road and you can also customize the camera you will use.

The music is also very cool. It has official soundtracks. That means that your favorite music group...


Need For Speed Underground Rivals

The good:

-Good Graphics for Portable system.
-Many upgrades.
-Online Play.
-Over 20 cars to choose from.

The bad:

-No Storyline at all made the game very boring
-Some races can be very difficult and make you uninterested with the game.
-20 cars is impressive for a portable system, but there could have been more.
-Good Graphics for a handheld but they could have benn better.


Overall Need For Speed Underground Rivals was an OK game. It was a good start for the PSP, but I few things could be improved on. I think there should have been atleast 28-30 cars in total not a little over 20. A storyline would have made this game a lot better. Without a storline you get tired with this game in about a week. I feel they could have done a lot more with this game. I hope the next game in the series will be improved.


Excellent Start For PSP

The good:

One of the best on PSP yet!

-Great Soundtrack
It has music for everyone. It has well know names and all types of music.

-Realistic A.I
They bump you and WILL make you crash and make you mad

The bad:

Its a challenging game. If you buy this game, there is a slight chance you will break your PSP and game

-No Free Roam!
What some people bought the game for. But having the game on the go is good for me

-No selling cars
Can't sell cars. Sorry.

-No storyline
All you do is race, get money, add performence enhancing pieces and blah blah blah. You know the drill.


Ok, this is a great game in many different ways. The most noticeable thing will be and is the graphics. Identicle to the PS2 version, Need For Speed Underground 2 (NFSU2). Challenging AI to make owners think they are playing a friend online. One thing I loved the most about this game was the music. They have a lot of celebrities you know like Terror Squad, The Donuts, Sly Boggie, Capone, and others. One of the greatest games for the PSP yet. Go pick up your pay-check and get this game now!



The good:

The graphics, the music, the tuneups, the cars, the levels. It actually has some scenes from either NFSUnderground 1 or 2 or both, I don't know, but that shows the power of the graphics.

The bad:

I would love to see a story line, which this doesn't have. NFSUnderground 2 has an awesome story line, and this should too.


This game has unbelievable graphics, awesome enhancements. I have always played NFS, but never owned one. Never would spend the money on a racing game. This is my first game for PSP, and it was the perfect first game to show the power of the PSP. Great music, even has 2 music videos. Great cars, great enhancements. The only bad thing is, is that it don't have a story line, but this game is so good that you wouldn't even know it. MUST HAVE!

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