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The good:

  • Nearly anything can be customized on your ride, such as neon lights, spoilers, etc.
  • You can make your car "pose" for DVD and magazine covers.
  • There are many different types of races to take part in.
  • This game will keep you entertained for quite a while.
  • The bad:

  • The selection of cars isn't so great.
  • Sometimes the opponent cars can cheat.
  • There's nothing much to do after completing the game.


    Welcome to my review of Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Playstation 2!

    » Plot

    You had it all: the money, cars, women and fame, but one race changed all of that. You crashed and had to be sent to the hospital for quite a while.

    Some time has passed, and you finally get released from the hospital. You have lost everything you've worked so hard to achieve. But there's no time to dwell on the past as you get a call from a woman named Rachael. She invites you to Bayview City - the perfect racing spot for all street racers. When you arrive, Rachael introduces you to all that Bayview has to offe...

  • 9.2

    Racing at it's finest!

    The good:

    The game is packed with many upgrades for the vehicles with endless ways to customizer your car to your very own liking.

    Various types of races, there are about eight of them and this is lacking in many other racing titles and those get boring fast with only one or two types of races.

    Even though there isn't much to do at 100% completion it takes a long time to get there with various things to do. Such as the "posing" your car for magazines or DVD covers.

    The bad:

    Nothing to do once you get the game to 100% completion.

    I think the two player races aren't very good and the split screen doesn't make it look any better.


    The story follows that of the previous installment Need for Speed: Underground, the character, who is given no name, crashes and ends up in the hospital loses everything he had worked for in his vehicles in the past (Underground) and now he must work his way to the top once more. The story is pretty much like any other racing game with street cars, with someone trying to take over but this game made it interesting with the crash and everything and I liked it.

    As I said before there are about eigth types of races which makes the game interesting and last longer. My favorite being the sprint r...


    Pretty Much Amazing

    The good:

    - Cars
    - Customization
    - Photos
    - Big Game Area
    - Race Types
    - Tuning

    The bad:

    - Music
    - Time between Races


    This is overall an amazing game. You start as a poser running the streets trying to make some cash for you car. Eventually you will become a big shot and make your way to the top of the racing world.

    There are a lot of great things about this game. There is a whole bunch of cars available to drive. You won't start with a complete collection but you will eventually unlock them as you progress through the game. The Customization in this game is amazing. You can choose from so many different vinyls and decals it is amazing. You can change the color of pretty much everything on ...



    The good:

    Many cars to choose from.
    New race styles.
    Thousands of customisable parts as well as paints, vinyls and decals.
    Large free roam city.
    Iproved graphics.
    Good learning curve.
    Good replay value.
    Good fun in multiplayer mode.

    The bad:

    Extreamly long.
    Can be a little repetative.
    Soundtrack not as good as the original NFSU.


    As a big car game fan I think this game has to be one of my favourites. There are many cars and even SUVs to choose from and the customisation in this game is unbelievable. There are literally thousands of visual and performance upgrade combinations so no two cars look the same. There are also many race styles such as drift and drag. Each car can be tuned to suit a particular race style or your driving technique so you can shave off a couple of valuable seconds. There is also a free roam mode in witch you can race other racers found around the city or just practise your skills. The game isn...


    Pro tuner game!

    The good:

    Selection of cars,levels of customization,sense of speed,great crashes(needs to show damage on vehicle!!), and blah,blah list goes on and free roam is awsome!!

    The bad:

    No nissan silvia,music on the game its not that good like 3 or 2 good songs,needs better cut scenes like in NFSU1 ,needs to show damage on vehicle when gets hit/crashes,needs more bodykits like blitz bodykit and veilside bodykits.


    This game is very detailed and the cars are realistic freeroam is amazing its like midnight club,you can put big rims on your ride,massive levels of customization its crazy,and this game need better songs or better music importing and it goes on.
    Way easier then NFSU1 this game was easy also they need better vynils like in the NFSU1 intro that eclipse was hot.


    Great game but I miss some of the 1st UG stuff

    The good:

    #1 Customization is awesome. There's a lot more customization you can do in this one. IE: Scissor doors, split hoods, engine/trunk neon, gauges, more carbon fiber options, spinners, lots of spoilers, rims, colored lights, more vinyls, window tints, side mirrors, wide body kits, purging of NOS at the start with colors and hydraulics.
    #2 The dyno tuning. I didn't realize it was that important it was in making racing easier to tune your car to specific settings. I was able to control my car even better when I did this like after 50% of my game.
    #3 The graphics are upgraded a bit from UG.
    #4 Roaming around the vast city in your car is prety cool. It can get tedious after a while at times. I did get tired of the hilly area of UG2 after awhile.
    #5 Extra types of races. New to this one are Street X racing, Outruns, and URLS.
    #6 More cars. There was a surprise with having SUV's in this one. I didn't really race with them, because they are so damn hard to control. I could barely finish doing a Drag race in the H2. But... it was cool to have them and mess around in them if you want to. Not sure why the 05 Mustang was in there for, but it was still pretty cool to soup up.
    #7 Magazine covers. You're able to take your own pics on some magazine covers.

    The bad:

    #1 The comic book storyline was a HUGE disappointment for me. It pissed me off actually. Unlike UGround, where the cutscene characters moved, UG2 had comic book scenes. The moving characters of UG made me feel like I was more in the game and more personal. Some of the characters pissed me off when they won. (like Eddie & Chad)The comic scenes made the storyline blah.
    #2 The racing was incredibly easy. I came in 1st the very first time in each one.
    #3 Customizable license plates. After all....I would think this would be a big personal customization.
    #4 Music. I am not into rap or hip hop, but even UGround had better music than this one. This music was boring and I turned it way down. They could've put some more songs maybe.
    #5 In UG when you accepted a race challenge a screen with their face would pop up and they would talk trash to you. That was way cool. This one...thumbs down on that. Just a screen with words said by the person.


    This a very fun game despite my bad comments.
    I wish they would've left the good from Undeground and just added the good from my Good comments of UG2.
    I didn't feel that accomplished when I beat the game though.
    The main bad thing for me was the comic book cutscenes.
    The guy in the storyline who wants me out of the racing scene was too easy to beat. I was surprised that was the end. I beat his ass by 1:04. I mean c'mon, the big bad guy getting beat like a dog! I remember the last race in UGround was so hard for me. I had to race it in easy mode and still I squeezed by a few secs.

    I would recomme...

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