Need for Speed: ProStreet (Wii) Cheats

Need for Speed: ProStreet cheats, and Codes for Wii.


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Cheat Codes
Insert the following passwords into the in-game codes menu for the desired result.

* 1MA9X99 - Receive $2,000
* 1MI9K7E1 - Receive $10,000
* CASTROLSYNTEC - Unlock Castrol Syntec Vinyl
* COKEZERO - Unlock Coke Zero Golf GTI
* ENERGIZERLITHIUM - Unlock bonus vinyls
* HORSEPOWER - Unlock Chevelle SS
* ITSABOUTYOU - Unlock Audi TT
* L1IS97A1 - Receive $8,000
* LEIPZIG - Unlock Progressive Bonus Vinyl
* MITSUBISHIGOFAR - Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
* REGGAME - Receive $10,000
* UNLOCKALLTHINGS - Unlock Nissan 240 SX, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS, and Dodge Viper SRT 10
* W2IOLL01 - Receive $4,000
CASHMONEY - $10,000
SAFETYNET - 5 free repair markers
ZEROZEROZERO - Coca-Cola sponsored Volkswagen GTI in Garage
Drifting Cars
Drifting Cars dont need to be fast so just pick a car that looks good, i use a '69 Dodge Charger, with a Lv 3 traction Lv2 power and lv 3 areo, and i getover 7,000 on some drifts.
Future car
Type in areovette in the code entry section
Insane Wheelies!!!
If you have trouble getting long wheelies, use your nos just as the front of the car starts to fall it'll keep your car off the ground for a little.

P.S. I used a Ford GT with 848 Horsepower and I got 1,200ft on one wheelie.
Making Money
If you want to make lots of money easily, try the following multi-step technique. Keep in mind that this can be repeated over and over again for as much money as you want.

* 1.) Start up the game and load your career profile.
* 2.) Head to the in-game cheats menu, and insert the UNLOCKALLTHINGS cheat.
* 3.) With the bonus unlocked, go ahead and save your career.
* 4.) Reload your career and head to the garage. The code should have unlocked several new, expensive cars.
* 5.) Sell the bonus cars you received for a quick $90,000+.
Which events to do
Some events other than the main ones give you better rewards or may be eaiser to beat. Use the unlockallthings code and decide which races are the ones that help you the most.