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What I Think Of Need For Speed Most Wanted

The good:

Some Good points about Need For Speed: Most Wanted are:
Rap Sheet
All will explained later

The bad:

Some bad points about Need For Speed: Most Wanted are:
Customization Options
Crash Bugs in PC
As the good point i will explain later


"Be the most Notorious" Well that's pretty much what you have to do in Most Wanted.

Storyline: You start off doing 4 Races before being confronted by Sergeant Cross and says "racing in Rockport is finished" before you narrowly escape being arrested when you drive of to race then #15 Blacklist racer Razor. Before the race Razor messes with your car and lose your flash Silver & blue BMW M3 GTR in pink slips when police Sergeant Cross arrests you you are let go as there is not enough evidence when you leave Mia shows up and tells you Razor and "his boys" (Bull & Ronnie who drive SLR McLaren & ...


Need for Speed Most Wanted

The good:

Nice graphics, lots of customization, large selection of cars, big maps, and pretty good soundtrack

The bad:

controls a tiny bit rough, but no problem; also, near the end it can take a while to meet some of the requirements for completing the game


When I heard that there was a new Need for Speed coming out, I just couldn't resist buying it. I payed 50 bucks cash for it, and let me tell you: it is SO worth it. Even if you're not into the whole racing genre, this game is still very playable and cool. You can spend what seems like hours customizing your cars, because there are millions of things to choose from. The paints, body kits, spoilers, roof & hood scoops, window tints, rims, decals, custom gauges, engines, tires, turbos... they will draw you into this game like a fat guy seeing a Golden Corral commercial. This time, the game now...


Pretty good.


Need for Speed; Most Wanted is a much needed departure from other racing games.
Imagine yourself in this scenario: You're cruising the streets minding your own business when you hear over the police scanner that you've been spotted speeding. Within seconds a police cruiser appears on his own closing in fast from behind. You put your foot down and speed off leaving him for dust. Another call over the police radio gets your attention, he's calling for backup. Sure enough as you speed around a bend four police cruisers come speeding towards you trying to ram you off the road, road blocks get se...


Need For Speed: Most Wanted


With a whole new outlook, the Need For Speed series takes a different turn. With the past two games being about underground street racing, it was time for a change. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is based only in the day light, and has sort of lost some of the "underground street racing" feel, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

With a good amount of cars ranging from a Volkswagen Golf all the way to the Porsche Carrera GT there is bound to be a car for any-ones liking. You can modify most of these cars, but it is no where near the caliber of the Need For Speed: Underground series or Midnight ...


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The good:

-A mix between Underground and Hot Pursuit, combining cop chases, street racing, and customizing

-Two new race modes; Speedtrap and Tollbooth

-Tons of new and exotic cars, and imports from Underground 1 and 2, and new imports

-Cool storyline

-Nicely rendered cutscenes

The bad:

-They took away quite a bit from the customizing options, but it's still moderately satisfying in terms of customizing

-Disappointing in-game graphics (I expected better)

-Took away drift and street x races, as well as the ability to challenge other racers on the street to a chase


First of all, I'd like to say that Need for Speed Most Wanted is a good game, and fans of the previous games, and cars/customizing would probably enjoy it, but it has it's flaws. (At least for the Gamecube version)


Some of the good points are, the town seems to be bigger than Bayview, the setting of NFSU2, but there aren't as many neighbourhoods, which in this game are called "boroughs". After beating a certain racer on the Blacklist, you'll be entitled to enter a new region on the map. I have to admit, at this point, there aren't that many boroughs, but they're big at the least.


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