Need for Speed Most Wanted Unlockables

finding all black list pinks. (the right way)
i dont know if the black edition is the same as the original one but here is the right way to get your hands on the pinks off the original most wanted. first of all its not 1 2 3 its the oppostie 3 2 1. EX: when you beat black list 15, at the chose your reward screen you should find the pink under the 1st sing, the out of jail free at the 2nd one an the impound at the 3rd. then once you beat black list 14 you should find the pink under the 3rd, out of jail free the 1st and impound the 2nd. just keep goin 132 132 ( 1 being blck list 15's pink 3 blck list 14's an 2 blck list 13's pink to an so on to get all the pinks. keep in this cycle an you should have you hands on all the black list rides.
UnlockableHow to unlock
castrol carcastrol
money $500.00lets play
burger king challengesburger king
porsche carrera gtcar