Need for Speed Most Wanted Tips

Bounty Tip (not bus station this one works)
Hi, i've been playing NFP for awhile now. I'm on the number 3 guy. I just wanted to inform everyone that there is a really good hiding spot where you can build up tons of bouny, and I mean are the steps.

Here are the steps in breif.

STEP 1: Choose bounty or milestone closest to hiding spot in downtown rockport.

STEP 2: Get pursuit heat/condition up to atleast condition 4.

THE TRICK: Make sure you get the helicopter after you in the condition 4. That is what triggers the pursuit to go as long as it does.

STEP 3: After cops are after you, drive directly to your hiding spot and hide by the crates, park your car in there.

STEP 4: Hide there until the desired time/bounty is acquired.

STEP 5: Afterwards, drive out of the hiding spot and go out to the left towards the bridge.

STEP 6: Then after a good half mile away or so, turn around and go back to the hiding spot,make sure you let the helictoper get enough ahead of you.

TRICK: because after the helicopter looses momentary sight of you, you may drive back quickly to your hiding spot

STEP 7: Now after at the hiding spot, providing you escape sight of helicopter, the pursuit bar will goto evade mode and you'll gain whatever bounty you have. 12million, 30million.

I did a hiding spot and I was there for over an hour. I built up 12 1/2 million bounty points. It's the hiding spot in downtown rockport.

It's the hiding spot up by the river between rosewood and rockport, that road that curves and has the visible hiding spot with the driveway looking spot the is on the curve of the road.

Anyway here is the trick. You get your level up to atleast heat 4 or condition 4. So in that case you should probably have a car with high heat level or it will be a longer chase until you get there, it's just easier.

Then you pick bounty or miletstones and pick the option closest to that hiding spot. Then what you do is drive long enough to get enough of them after you maybe 2 or 3, then start loosing them, go directly to your hiding spot and what I do is I drive right in there and do a 180 right into the spot directly next the the crates or boxes and I pay attention to the pursuit bar, if it gets to close to busted then i drive back a bit but don't go out into the road until you have your desired bounty you want.

You can do this all in one shot. I sat there for over an hour paying attention to the pursuit bar making sure I didn't get busted. Keep in mind there probably is a chance that a cop will slip in there and box you. Keep in mind you might want to escape them, ram him into the wall and built, then go back and do it again or loose them some other way.

That is a really good way. I've done is and did 12 1/2 million. 12,500,000.

Obstacles..the obstacles are somewhat high. After you exit the hiding spot trying to evade and come back, there is a good chance there will be a spike trap. Make sure you know it's there either by just running through it without hitting the spikes or looking on the map and seeing it's there.