Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition review
Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition.

The good:

-Great Gameplay. -Good Story. -Great Aspect of Speed.

The bad:

-No Replay Mode. -Pretty Easy. -Fairly Short.


Well, let's start off with the good. The gameplay is amazing, it feels like your actually in the game just hook your playstation 2 up with your stereo and put on AUX and have some nice bass and you'll go crazy it's so amazing. The story is pretty good, it's about how you were climbing the charts on the Most Wanted list becoming the #1 Black list member but then Razor got your car so you have to start all over from scratch. It really feels like your going 150MPH or 170MPH when your racing down the highway with about 10 cops on your tail and a roadblock is just up ahead. Now with the bad. The fact that there was no replay mode really drained the fun out of being in a really good pursuit cause you just counldn't be able to see your super tuner supra crusing away from the cops while a chopper broadcasted it live. I would have expected that the game would have been either harder or that there would have been a difficulty that you could pick like 'Easy' to 'Hard' or 'Most Wanted' but there wasn't and it was just pretty easy. The career mode was just fairly short but fun to do. The challenge series that you needed to get 100% in the whole game was just a little repetative after a while. In conclusion I personally love the Need For Speed frenchise and love this game and recommend it to anyone that loved any of the Need For Speed games. So I gave it a 4.3 Overall.

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