Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition Tips

The NEVER get impounded trick
NFSMW:Black Edition is really tough rite?but gettin bounty is the most hardest thing to get in nfs.well, i have an awesome trick in which if u get busted, u do not get busted.

suppose u need really high bounty to beat the nex' rival, its tough without getting busted.
but if u just eject the CD( u need it for playing the game.rite?) as soon as u get busted,it will ask u the normal questions like do u wanna pay with markers or cash.but after u hav paid the marker or cash,DO NOT click the save button, and just quit to the main game menu.then again put the CD back and load ur career.
u wont hav loosen a marker or any cash, n ur car wont be impounded which means u nevr got busted at all!!!

a VERY VERY IMPORTANT thing(Plz read it or u will suffeer badly...):
always, if u want to use this hint, then PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ save ur game n ONLY THEN start the game or u will loose all u hav done before the pursuit.

this trick happens 'caz the game requires the CD to save ur career upto how much u completed.but if u remove that CD rite after u get busted, it wont be saved!!!

Hope this will help u all.if u hav ny questions,then Message me if possible.
i wont be cheking my mail freqeuntly but just in case...