Need For Speed: Carbon review
Need For Speed: Carbon

The good:

A good variety of cars including Aston Martin, Lamborgini and Mercedes.

The new auto sculpt feature allows you to fully alter and personalize everything on any car.

Fantastic Graphics and car damage take the game to a new level.

The bad:

Steering can take a bit of getting used to.

The last Boss fight lasts a long time and is very hard to do.


Need For Speed: Carbon is a racing game in which you battle with other crews in the city to take over territory. When you have taken over a zone fully, the boss of that zone will challenge you to a race. The first part is in the city and if you win that you go on the canyon to fight it out.(see below)

The cars come in 3 "classes" with diffrent stats:
TUNER: Amazing cornering but not much power.
MUSCLE: All about accereration but corners badly.
EXOTIC: Fairly good handling but top speed it what they are built for.

The game links in very well with Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The people in your crew tell you about what happened when you got busted by the police in the last game and in the end, uncovers a secret that Darius (last boss) has kept from you.

When you are competing in most events you can bring in a "wingman" to help you in races. They can be 3 things:
Blockers: try to ram your rivals off the road.
Drafters: You can get behind them and they give you a chance to slipstream them and gain you speed.
Scouts: Find shortcuts on the circuit for you to take.

The computer driven cars are lifelike in the way that when they try to pass you they move around and try to find the best way past you instead of trying to drive through you. But sometimes on the boss races they will try to ram you off the road if you try to pass them and can be quite anoying.

There are diffrent types of races. They are: Circuit, Speed trap, Drift, Canyon duel/race, Sprint and Checkpoint.

CIRCIUT: You and your wingman are in a race in the city against two other cars from a diffrent crew. These races last 2 laps.

SPEED TRAP: You follow a road like a sprint race and at points along the race your speed is taken and added to a leaderboard. The player with the highest speed at the end is the winner.

DRIFT: Basicly get the car sideways for as long as posible to score points. You follow a special track against another 3 cars.

SPRINT: Like a circuit race but you drive from 1 point to another.

CHECKPOINT: Again like a sprint race but you are on your own and you are timed. You are given the road to go on and you need to make it to the checkpoints in the time allowed.

CANYON DUEL: There are two parts to a canyon duel, first the boss will be in front. Your job is to stay as close to him as possible without driving off the edge and collect as many points as you can. The closer you are, the more points.
After that, you are in front and the boss will be following you. Do the same and take victory. You can win their car if you get a pink slip from the card selection at the end.

The tracks are varied and can be challenging. The canyons are very hard as they are thin and technical.
On the other hand most tracks are good to drive on and are very fun with fast cars.
When you take over all parts of the city, the last boss will find you and you have to race him. The race is very hard. If you win you verse him on Carbon Canyon. When you win that you get in a huge police pursuit and then you finish the game.

The Police around the city are always looking to bust street racers. That includes you! The Pursuits are fun to do and can happen in the middle of races.
you can use buildings and objects to your advantage by crashing into them, disabling the police behind you.
They can use roadblocks and spike strips to slow your car down, so watch out for them.

If you don't want to play in career mode you can go into single races and the challenge series. you are given a car and you just race all you want.
You can also get into police pursuits when you have nothing to lose.

you can customize the cars you have unlocked in career mode with the parts you also unlocked in career mode with no cost. You can use these cars in single races if you want to.

As a little extra, if you compete certain challenges in career mode you can unlock bonus cars and extra rims which you can put on your cars.

Overall the game is very well priced and has fantastic game play. You will never get bored of playing it as there is always something to be done.
I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.

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TheViperX Aug 28, 08
Very good review, good facts I like the Good & Bad points & I agree with them. Nice description of the car classes & race types.
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