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Need For Speed: Carbon

The good:

A good variety of cars including Aston Martin, Lamborgini and Mercedes.

The new auto sculpt feature allows you to fully alter and personalize everything on any car.

Fantastic Graphics and car damage take the game to a new level.

The bad:

Steering can take a bit of getting used to.

The last Boss fight lasts a long time and is very hard to do.


Need For Speed: Carbon is a racing game in which you battle with other crews in the city to take over territory. When you have taken over a zone fully, the boss of that zone will challenge you to a race. The first part is in the city and if you win that you go on the canyon to fight it out.(see below)

The cars come in 3 "classes" with diffrent stats:
TUNER: Amazing cornering but not much power.
MUSCLE: All about accereration but corners badly.
EXOTIC: Fairly good handling but top speed it what they are built for.

The game links in very well with Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The people in your cr...


A very good racing game.

The good:

- Perfect Gameplay.
- Nice graphics.
- Awesome music.
- Many different racing modes.
- Your own crew.


Graphics (10/10):

The graphics are fundamental in this game, and are perfect to see anything clearly. Is easy to see when you are driving, and the cameras that you have give more details to the graphics, so you have a very nice graphic interface. You can costumize your cart easier, thanks to the good graphics this game has. Also the graphics in the cut scenes have really good graphics.

Gameplay (10/10):

Indeed, the gameplay is awesome thanks to the Wii controls. Prepare to feel the most realisitic races that you will have. The Wii-remote is your all in one, you can accelerate with it, costumi...


Need for speed Carbon Preview

The good:

The Graphics
The sound effects
The variety

The bad:

The soundtracks


This game is an ambitious expansion of the key features that have made the series popular, along with new elements that have come out of research into the racing scene. The big hooks this year are canyon racing, racing crews, and car-class affiliation. The heart of the game's career mode is a battle for control of a city. The setting is a massive free-roaming metropolis that's bigger than the one seen in last year's Most Wanted. In addition, you'll find massive canyons that will serve as the stage for the unique boss battles. The action will find you building up a crew of racers to help you...

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