NCAA College Football 2K2 Cheats

NCAA College Football 2K2 cheats, and Codes for DC.


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99% rated Running Back
Power RB
Speed: 100
Agility: 100
Ball handler: finesse (and the other one100 and 100)
Catch: 100
Break Tackle: 100
Pass Blocking: 32
Run Blocking: 31
Defensive play recommendation
Move the pointer to the center of the defense play selection screen and press A. The CPU will move the pointer to the recommended play.
Detect fake extra point
If the field goal net is not up while your opponent is trying for an extra point, it is a fake.
Easy sacks
When you are on defense, get your fastest linebacker, go up to the line, and move next to your linemen (be careful not to be on or over it). Use the crowd pump up (X) and while he is waving his arms in the air, hold Down and tap A for a speed burst. When the quarterback hikes the ball, he will instantly move in and you can sack him. Make sure you leave enough time for the quarterback to hike or it will be offsides.