NCAA March Madness 2003 Cheats

NCAA March Madness 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Break the backboard
Simply build up the meter until it flashes, then dunk the ball.
Freekstyle Control
This is an innovative invention from the NBA Live franchise. It lets gamers use specialty moves (cross-ups, keep-away) by moving the right-analog stick in a certain direction. This might not be necessary when playing the computer but proves to be imperative when playing friends and showing them up for bragging rights.
Hot Keys
Make sure you utilize hot keys on the direction pad (D-pad) and change up your offenses and defenses accordingly. Hot keys lets gamers switch from a man-to-man to a zone defense (or any other defense formation available) with a simple tap of the directional pad.
Roundball Classic
Playing the roundball classic will help gamers decide on which recruits they should go after in the off-season. Although the games recruiting is based on probabilities (persistence, points allocated, and strength of program).
Shot Selection
Shoot three pointers with good outside shooter, but remember driving to the hoop and scoring lay ups and dunks are far more effective and consistent. Don't try to match your opponents three pointers because you will find yourself in a hole quickly.
Top Seed in NCAA Tournament
In order to receive the top seed in the tournament you must have a good RPI and conference record.