NCAA Football 2003 (Xbox) Cheats

NCAA Football 2003 cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Cause Fumble on Kickoffs
TO make your opponent fumble the ball on kickoffs, keep kicking to the same player. Eventually he will fatigue and start fumbling the ball in the third and forth quarters. You can also kick to the other side of the and try to surprise the other reciever. If catch him off guard, he will sometimes fumble.
infinte creation points
At the main menu select options then from there select create a player. Create player and when you get to the screen with the ability points press A twice. Then exit and go to rosters and select your player from the team you put him on. Select rating's and ever thing on the side will show up 99.

Super Players
first you create your own person. go through all the info, except when you get to the stats don't touch any of them. just go to finish. after you create the character go to options then rosters. Then go to depth chart and put your character in the play line up thing. after that leave and go back to rosters, but this time go to edit stats. Then highlight your character and press A. Then go to the stat thing and change all the stats to 99. You can also do it to any other player.