NCAA Football 2005 review
Ncaa review

The good:

the graphics and new play schemes are well done as well as the intense crowd noises with the new "stadium pulse". it relaly makes me feel like jumping out of my seat and getting in on the action.

The bad:

passing is much more difficult with this game. Recievers need much work, as well as the audience.


When I started things off in dynasty mode I was very happy with the game play and BCS rankings (not much to say in reality though . Climbing to the top and being involved in the hiesman race with up-to-date accurate stats and scores. I also enjoyed how realistic some of the scores are based on the school's greatness. For example, USC beating some other crap college without the slightest difficulty without upset, it makes sense. However, I wish after winning an amount of games your stadium pulse meter goes up. I noticed that for seasons, no matter how good you do, your stadium does not make it to the "top 25 hardest places to play". But Overall, this game is totally outrageous online and just by yourself playing whatever game mode you wish. Thanks EA sports, keep up the good work!

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