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Comparable to Madden 06

The good:

-New plays
-Heisman Mode
-In-Season Recruiting in Dynasty
-Up-to-date rosters
-Up-to-date Poll rankings
-New Summer Camp drills
-NCAA March Madness 06 Demo
-Before game Corso pick
-Impact Players

The bad:

-Bad Sound Track
-Controls are hard to adjust to at first


Presentation (+):

The main menu has enhanced greatly. Now, instead of seeing your favorite team players doing whatever they do, you get to see random team clips from last year of amazing plays and breaks. Loading screens are filled with colorful art of football, a more mature version of NFL Street art.

Graphics (?):

The graphics have gotten more colorful from the gritty and realistic feel of last year's version. Now players have added for color to them. It's hard to decide if it's enhanced, the same, or declined from the last.

Sound (-):

The voiceovers of Corso and Co. are good, but they say t...


Best College Football Game Ever

The good:

+Race for the Heisman.
+Dynasty Mode.
+Mini games.
+New offensive moves.
+Impact players.
+Good commentary.

The bad:

-Um... uh... the, um... it would be better if... uh...


This football game is absolutely perfect. The only game that is as good as it would be last years NCAA Football 2005. The main thing that I liked was the Race for the Heisman, a season mode where you take your created character through college tryouts, four different seasons (and dorm rooms!), while trying to accomplish the ultimate goal - winning the Heisman. When you first play the game, instead of going to the main menu, you go straight to the Race for the Heisman. You then create your character, and tryout for a college team. You then move into your dorm room, where you can do things li...

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