NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Cheats

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC cheats, and Codes for DC.

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NBA Showtime Cheats

Cheat Codes
Use the Turbo, Shoot and Pass buttons to enable cheats using the following table as a reference. The codes are used at the TonightÂ’s Match-Up screen. To complete the cheat after entering the code, you must end by pressing the D-pad in the indicated direction. Note that the numbers correspond to the number of times you should press the Turbo, Shoot and Pass buttons, so for instance, the code for Alternate uniforms is 4-3-0 so that means you need to press Turbo (x4), Shoot (x4) and end by pressing Right on the d-pad.

Cheat                  Code 
ABA ball               2-3-2  Right
Alternate uniform      4-3-0  Right
Away uniform           4-2-0  Right
Big heads              2-0-0  Right
Blizzard               1-3-1  Left
Fog **                 1-2-3  Up
Home uniform           4-1-0  Right
Hotspots               1-0-0  Down
Midway uniform         4-0-1  Right
Night fog **           1-2-3  Left
No Goaltending         5-5-5  Left
No hotspots *          2-0-1  Up
No replays             3-3-1  Left
No tip off             4-4-4  Up
Rain                   1-4-1  Left
Show shot percentage   0-0-1  Down
Snow **                1-2-1  Left
Swamp fog **           1-2-3  Right
Team uniform *         4-0-1  Right
Thick fog **           1-2-3  Down
Tiny players           3-4-5  Left
Tournament mode        1-1-1  Down
Show Hotspot           1-0-0  Down
Infinite Turbo         4-1-1  Up
No Player Arrows       3-2-1  Left
Tiny Heads             4-4-0  Left
No Fouls               2-2-2  Left
Team Uniform           4-0-0  Right
Swamp Fog              1-2-3  Right
* Both teams must use this cheat. ** outdoor courts only.

submitted by d-wreck

Place any player on a team
Enter the initials and PIN entry screen. For the initials, enter the first three letters of the player's home team in allcaps. The PIN is the player's number.

Bonus Courts
Hold one of the following buttons combinations immediately after selecting players at the "Choose Team" screen, and you can play on a bonus court:

Team 1 (Left)Hold Up + Turbo
Team 2 (Right)Hold Down + Turbo
Island CourtHold Right + Turbo
Midway CourtHold Up + Shoot + Pass
NBC CourtHold Down + Shoot + Pass
Street CourtHold Left + Turbo

Unlock Mascots

To unlock a team mascot, just enter one of the following names and PIN numbers:

Atlanta HawksHAWK0322
Charlotte HornetsHORNET1105
Chicago BullsBENNY0503
Denver NuggetsROCKY0201
Houston RocketsTURBO1111
Indiana PacersBOOMER0604
Minnesota TimberwolvesCRUNCH0503
New Jersey NetsSLY6765
Phoenix SunsGORILA0314
Seattle SonicsSASQUA7785
Toronto RaptorsRAPTOR1020
Utah JazzBEAR1228

Bonus Players

Same drill, enter the appropriate name and PIN numbers to play as one of these bonus characters:

Kerri the Female PlayerKERRI0220
Kerri in Alternate UniformKERRI1111
Lia the Female PlayerLIA0712
Lia in Alternate UniformLIA1111
Small AlienSMALLS0856
Large AlienBIGGY0958
Pinto HorsePINTO1966
White HorseHORSE1966
Nikko the Devil DogNIKKO6666
Retro RobRETRO1970
Old ManOLDMAN2001