NBA Live 99 (N64) Cheats

NBA Live 99 cheats, and Codes for N64.

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NBA Live 99 Cheats

Secret Teams
To get the secret teams, go to create a Custom Team though your rosters menu. Enter one of the following names as the name of your Custom Team and you will be able to play as those teams. Here are the teams:

- Ea Europals
- Hitmen Coders
- Hitmen Earplugs
- Hitmen Idlers
- Hitmen Pixels
- Hitmen Rebounds

FoulShot Tricks

Ball Flip - When at the line, hold R before shooting the ball to flip it. Granny Throw - While shooting a foul shot, hold C-Left to put up a granny shot. Also, you can hold the R button and the player will delay his shot and spin the ball. Combine both C-Left and the R button to delay the shot and follow it with a granny shot.

Get Gold Three Point Trophy
Win the three point mini-game with any player.


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Make the ball turn different colors
To change colors press these buttons:

Green: Hold B+Down+Right (When dribbling)
Blue: Hold c-up+c-down+c-left (When standing)
Pink: Hold right+left+down+up (in that order)
Rainbow: (just press these without holding onto the button) Really fast press B B B B C-up C-down
left right left left left up up down right c-right
c-left. Then the ball will turn rainbow colors!
Rip the net on the hoop
First, Select the Houston Rockets as Home
and any team as away. When the game begins,
Make Houston get the ball first. Then, do a
slam dunk on the hoop (While holding on these buttons: A B C-Right & C-Left) Then your player
will rip the net and baloons will go into the air,
the game will be over and Houston will win 2-0.