NBA Live 2001 (PSX) Cheats

NBA Live 2001 cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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NBA Live 2001 Cheats

Hint: Save player creation points
Buy the options for create player super player: mohawk, eye patch, etc. Create your player and use the options that you bought. Save the roster, then load challenge from the memory card. If done correctly, you will have your created player with the new options as well as the original points that you bought the options with. Information in this section was contributed by moochiezorrs.

Hint: Cheap fouls
Post up on the baseline and spin out of bounds. On a fast break, stop when you get under the basket and press R2 + Circle. When you face up, press Square repeatedly, then shoot.

Hint: The basket is on firesubmitted by Nick Vezyropoulos -
To get the basket on fire play a year with the bulls. When season is complete play exhibition with the bulls against Lakers. Score a 3 pointer before 10 secs and the hoop will go on fire and every score will be worth 10 points.


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smash players head on hoop and see blood on the play court
to smash a players head against the hoop press circle to give defensive foul then when they take the penatly press L1 L1 L1 L2 L2 R1 R1 R2 R2 R2 CIRCLE CIRCLE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE CIRCLE Up up up up down down down down down left right right left left right right left left right right left left right right

win games without playing
you first press and hold forward L1,L2,triangle,circle, square,the X button plus R2 with the select and also the backwards button.