NBA Live 2001 (PS2) Cheats

NBA Live 2001 cheats, and Codes for PS2.

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NBA Live 2001 Cheats

Make Shot From Anywhere
During a game press L1,L2,R1,R2. Then press Start and shoot from anywhere on the court to have it go in the basket.

New Stadiums
From the Main Menu press L1, L2, SQUARE, R2, R1, O, X.

Get Michael Jordan
Go to create player for the first name type in M.J.. For the last name type in IS BACK. Then you can play with Michael Jordan.

Make Better Super Stars
At the Main Menu screen press CIRCLE to open the Active Menu. Select the Roster optoion. Then select Edit Player. A Super Star will load up if your Create a Player List is empty. You can tweak the players stats to make them better (3 pointers, strangth, dunking ect...) by hitting R2 at Edit Player screen. If u want a different player go back to the empty Create a Player List by pressing L2. Press Start and change someone else. Don't forget to save your new player.
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Getting any players you want
In season mode you won't be able to trade players who aren't any good, so if you want to get the really cool leaguers like Shaq you can cheat your way into it. At the Main Menu, press CIRCLE to open the Active menu. Select Roster and then select Create a Player. Just create a player with loaded stats and save him into the Free Agent pool. Sign this player to your Roster and then use him as a dummy trade for almost any other player in the league! You can keep on doing this to get everyone you want. Make sure your created player is has a rating over 90 in order to trade for really good players.
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