NBA 2K3 review
Nba 2K3

The good:

new cross over moves, life like sweating, Dope graphics the gameplay & the graphics make this the best game 4 basketball in 2002-2003!! 4get starting five and nba 2 night why the hell did they even make those games!

The bad:

as good as the game may be there are still some faults, big faults.


All in all this game is nearly perfect. New cross over moves franchise mode and all the new shit in 2k3. No, i've went with the live series all mi life and decided to make a change. To the 2k series. Fluid moves, crazy facial graphics bring it to life and so does the franchise mode it feels like you're in the office of jerry bus in Phil jackson's suit & tie and it feels like you're in the jersey of Kobe Bryant! The downside, game sometimes freezes in franchise mode. Then every game u played all the trades u made are deleted and you start where you saved last. The rosters are not updated so don't expect to find yao ming in this game. For you chinese gamers don't expect 2 find ZhiZhi Wang on the clippers. Two more postive things to 2k3. You can change the players skills! So u can make shaq a lousy free point shooter to a fat reggie miller with the best free throw skills. If you gamers think you're going you're going to play franchise with better players don't even think about it. The better the players skills get the higher is salary. In franchise there is a salary cap. Game play sliders change the shooting percentage of the game. So you can put for your team's three pointers all the way up and you will never miss a shot and you can put your opponents three point slider all the way down so they can make any crap from three point land.(hey, it's a game your allowed to cheat). Hope this helps in making your choice for a hoops game!

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