NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Cheats

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC cheats, and Codes for N64.

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NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Cheats

Player Passwords Enter one of the Name and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding player:

Player MascotsNamePIN
Utah JazzBEAR1228
Chicago BullsBENNY0503
Indiana PacersBOOMER0604
Minnesota TimberwolvesCRUNCH0503
Phoenix SunsGORILA0314
Atlanta HawksHAWK0322
Charlotte HornetsHORNET1105
Toronto RaptorsRAPTOR1020
Denver NuggetsROCKY0201
Seattle SonicsSASQUA7785
New Jersey NetsSLY6765
Houston RocketsTURBO1111

Create-A-Player Characters NamePIN
Large AlienBIGGY0958
White HorseHORSE1966
Kerri the Female PlayerKERRI0220
Kerri in Alternate UniformKERRI1111
Lia the Female PlayerLIA0712
Lia in Alternate UniformLIA1111
Nikko the Devil DogNIKKO6666
Old ManOLDMAN2001
Pinto HorsePINTO1966
Retro RobRETRO1970
Small AlienSMALLS0856

Staff MembersNamePIN
Beth SmukowskiBETHAN1111
Chris SkrundzCMSVID0000
Dan ThompsonDANIEL0604
Dave GrossmanDAVE1104
Jim TianisDIMI0619
Eugene GeerE GEER1105
Andy EloffELOFF2181
Rob GatsonGATSON1111
Jim GentileGENTIL1228
Brian LeBaronGRINCH0222
Mark GuidarelliGUIDO6765
Jeff JohsonJAPPLE6660
Jason SkilesJASON3141
Jennifer HedrickJENIFR3333
Jennifer HedrickJENIFR1111
Jon HeyJONHEY8823
Alex GilliamLEX0014
Mike LynchLYNCH3333
Matt GilmoreMATT G1006
Paulo GarciaPAULO0517
John RootROOT6000
Sal DiVitaSAL0201
Paul MartinSTENTR0269
Larry WotmanSTRAT2112
Tim MoranTIMCRP6666
Tim BryantTIMMYB3314
Mark TurmellTURMEL0322

Miscellaneous PlayersNamePIN
Shawn LiptakLIPTAK0114
Isiah ThomasTHOMAS1111
Tim KitzrowTIMK7785
Willy MorrisWIL0101
Greg CutlerCUTLER1111
Chad EdmundsCHAD0628

Match-Up Screen Codes
Press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass at the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen to enable the corresponding codes. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After pressing the buttons, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code.

eg: to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Shoot (x2), Pass (x3), Left.

ABA Ball2-3-2-Left
Alternate Uniform4-3-0 Right
Away Uniform4-2-0 Right
Big Head Mode2-0-0 Right
Blizzard On*1-3-1 Left
Fog On*1-2-3 Up
Home Uniform4-1-0 Right
Midway Uniform4-0-1 Right
Night Fog On*1-2-3 Left
No Hotspots**2-0-1 Up
No Replays3-3-1 Left
No Tip Off4-4-4 Up
Rain On*1-4-1 Left
Show Hotspot1-0-0 Down
Show Shot %0-0-1 Down
Snow On*1-2-1 Left
Swamp Fog On*1-2-3 Right
Team Uniform**4-0-0 Right
Thick Fog On*1-2-3 Down
Tournament Mode***1-1-1 Down

* Only on Outdoor Courts
** Both Teams must Agree
*** No Power-Ups

Bonus Courts
After selecting players at the "Choose Team" screen, hold any of the following buttons combinations immediately:

Bonus CourtCode
Island CourtRight + Turbo
Midway CourtUp + Shoot + Pass
NBC CourtDown + Shoot + Pass
Street CourtLeft + Turbo
Team 1 (Left)Up + Turbo
Team 2 (Right)Down + Turbo

Place any Player on a Team
Enter the initials and PIN entry screen. Enter the first three letters of the team the player is normally on as initials, then enter his jersey number as a PIN. Ie: to get Scottie Pippen, enter HOU as initials and 33 as a PIN.

Alternate Costumes
Press Up or Down when creating a custom player for alternate costumes.


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Hidden Courts
Immediately after choosing your team and players, hold one of the following button combinations below until the game begins to play on the corresponding court.

Island Court-Right + Turbo
Street Court-Left + Turbo
NBC Court-Down + Shoot + Pass
Midway Court-Up + Shoot + Pass
Home Court-Up + Turbo
Visiting Court-Down + Turbo

Note: You will not be able to put in any other codes, you must be holding these buttons down during the team select screen.

Trade players
Select the "Enter Initials" icon on the startup screen and select "yes" to enter initials. Enter the first three letters of your desired player's team as a name, and your player's jersey number for a pin. For example if you wanted Vince Carter to team up with Kobe Bryant, you would simply enter TOR as a name, and 15 (followed by two spaces) as a pin number. Now you select the Lakers as your team and Bryant as your teammate, and Carter will be playing with L.A.

Note: This is NOT a permanent trade. Your player will be back to his regular team the next time you turn on your Nintendo 64.