NBA Live 2005 (GC) Cheats

NBA Live 2005 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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720 Dunk
Hold the R button and press Y to gather. Rotate the analog stick 360 degress two times and then finish with X. This dunk is very hard but will get you an automatic 50 in the dunk contest.
Between the legs twice dunk
Run towards the basket holdign L and R. Then hold the X button to finish.
Double Between The Legs
Move toward the hoop, press L for the gather and L for the dunk. Hold it down long and then release to execute correctly.
Soccer Gather
To do a soccer gather, hold the D-Pad (left), press the C-stick left and rotate the C-stick 180 degress.
Throw the ball off the camera
Push the D-pad (up) and then tap the C-stick up.


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360/180 pump dunk
Hold the R button and then move towards the basket by pressing Y. Rotate the analog stick 360 degrees for a 360 degree dunk or 180 degress for a 180 degree dunk. Then tap the Y button to finish. Timing is key!
Cheat Codes
Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live:
All Classics Hardwood Jerseys: PRYI234N0B
All shoes: FHM389HU80
All team gear: 1NVDR89ER2
Huarache 2K4: VNBA60230T
Nike Air Unlimited: XVLJD9895V
Zoom Generation Low: 234SDJF9W4
Nike Bg: 0984ADF90P
Shox Elite: 2388HDFCBJ
Zoom LeBron II: 1KENZO23XZ
Alternate Hornets Jersey: JRE7H4D90F
Alternate Sonics Jersey: BHD87YY27
Cheat Codes for jerseys
Unlock the Supersonics' new road uniform: BHD87YY2QW
Unlock the Hawks' new road uniform: HDI834NNUA
Unlock the Warriors' new road uniform: NAVNY2957P
Unlock the Mavericks' new road uniform: AAPSEUD09U
Unlock the Hornets' new road uniform: JRE7H4D9WH
Unlock the Celtics uniform: XCV43MGMDS
Dynasty points
Enter this code to receive 50,000 dynasty points: YISS55CZ0E
Through the legs reverse dunk
Move toward the basket and press Y for your gather and press A to execute the dunk.