NBA Live 06 Cheats

NBA Live 06 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Achievements & Gamescore
All-Star Difficulty Win (50) - Beat a CPU opponent on All-Star Difficulty.
Rookie Difficulty Win (10) - Beat a CPU opponent on Rookie Difficulty.
Starter Difficulty Win (30) - Beat a CPU opponent on Starter Difficulty.
Superstar Difficulty Win (75) - Beat a CPU opponent on Superstar Difficulty.
NBA LIVE 06 Created Player - Create a player in NBA Live 06.
Most Valuable Player (150) - In Season Mode, a player from your team wins the MVP award.
All-Star - In Season Mode, a player your team makes the All-Star team.
Best Regular Season Record (150) - In Season Mode, have the best record at the end of regular season.
Coach of the Year (100) - In Season Mode, the coach of your team wins the Coach of the Year award.
Clinched Playoffs - In Season Mode, your team makes the playoffs.
Online Win - Win a game against an online opponent.
NBA Champions (200) - Win the NBA Championship in Season Mode.


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Misc Cheats for Shoes & Jersey's
Enter the code on the code screen:

Unlocks the Boston Celtics alternate away uniform. - 193KSHU88J
T-Mac Black Shoe - 258SHQW95B
Unlocks the Sacramento Kings alternate gold uniform. - 654NNBFDWA
Unlocks the Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform. - 9922NVDKVT
Adidas A3 Garnett 3 Shoe - DRI239CZ49
T-Mac 5 White Shoe - HGS83KP234P
Unlocks the Detroit Pistons alternate red uniform. - JANTWIKBS6
S. Carter 3 Shoe - JZ3CARTVY
2005-2006 Pacer Away Uniform - PSDF90PPJN
Unlocks The Answer - RBKAIUSAB7
2005-2006 Pacer Home Uniform - SDF786WSHW
Unlocks the Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform. - XWETJK72FC