NBA Ballers (PS2) Cheats

NBA Ballers cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Have half of the HOUSE Meter at the beginning of the game
You know after you pick your baller and you see three b-balls up there in the left corner, well you put in square 3 times, triangle 6 times, and circle 7 times. Press any of the directional buttons to confirm it.
More Phrase-ology name
Rising Sun- Amare Stoudemire alt. Gear
Pistol Pete- PEte MArvich's alt. Gear
phrase OLogy
24 SECONDS - Chris Webber's alternate gear
ALL STAR - Ray Allen's alternate gear
ANKLE BREAKER or RISING STAR - Steve Francis' alternate gear
BRING DOWN THE HOUSE - Rasheed Wallace's alternate gear
HOLLA BACK - Kevin McHale's Alternate gear
JUICE HOUSE - Special Move #1
STUDENT OF THE GAME - Michael Finlay's alternate gear
KILLER CROSSOVER - Allen Iverson's alternate gear
TOWERS OF POWER - Bill Walton's alternate gear
STYLIN' & PROFILIN'- Barron Davis' alternate gear
RAGS TO RICHES - Nene Hilario's alternate gear
COURT VISION - John Stockton's alternate gear
ONE ON ONE - Julius Erving's alternate gear
SPECIAL DELIVERY - Karl Malone's alternate gear
REBOUND - Elton Brand's alternate gear
CELTICS - DYNASTY Bill Russell's alternate gear
HOOSIER - Larry Bird's alternate gear
MANU - Emanuel Ginobli's alternate gear
OLD SCHOOL - Wes Unseld's alternate gear
SPREE - Latrell Sprewell's alternate gear
THE ICE MAN COMETH - George Gervin's alternate gear
NBA HANGTIME- Dejaun Wanger alternate outfit
NBA SHOWTIME- Special Movie #2
BRING IT- Jalen Rose's alternate outfit
Yao Ming's grade school

Prep School = Yao Ming's grade school