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NBA 2k7 is simply the best basketball game I've ever played. It has so many features that make you feel like you are actually watching an NBA game on T.V. NBA 2k7 has taken all the aspects of an NBA game and added it into their game.

For example almost every player has their own shot animation that they have in real life. That's right Kobe has his leaner in the game and Shawn Marion has his awkward shot like he does in real life. These animations are just great and they match their respected player.

Also another great thing about this game is when you go to play a game, let's use the Detroit Pistons at the Phoenix Suns for example; the announcer will announce both team's starting line-ups. Once the game has finished loading up you will see the Phoenix Sun's fans piling into the arena, people trying to sell magazines and jerseys. Then you will see both teams warming up on the court, shooting baskets and doing some stretches along with a few other things. It's a nice touch and makes you feel like watching the before the game show.

The game-play in this game is simply fantastic. You will notice actual dunks and shots. For example you won't see someone such as the Lakers point guard Smush Parker doing windmill dunks over big centers like Shaq. No more ridiculous dunks in crowded lanes. You can now shoot with both the square button or the right analog stick. Holding the right analog stick down and releasing it just right will result in a nice fancy shot. This is also how free-throws work this year. You have to time it just right to earn your free throws.

Another great thing is the aggressive modifiers. For example holding down R1 and moving the left analog stick will allow you to break down your defender. There are many fancy cross-overs to do. Also this year you will notice fancy passing. That's right, simply by pressing the O button you can deliver lobs, bounce passes, behind the back passes, and more. It's a real treat watching those fancy passers dishing the ball behind their back to the big men to get an easy dunk.

I really liked the music this year. It has a good collection of rap songs and a few others. They made some really good choices on songs this year.

The graphics this year were alright on the players. But I noticed a lot of jagged edges and curves. The people in the crowd looked a little better this year but still need some work in my opinion. All in all they are alright but need some more work come next year.

Commentary this year was lacking. I noticed just after a few games I would hear the commentators repeated themselves again and again. Also I noticed they would mess up when they were talking about players coming into the game and on free throws. When a guy had to shoot two free throws, they would say shooting one free throw. Other little things were repeated too.

Other then those things the game is great. The best basketball game I've played. The game-play and all the little things make this game great fun for both a single player or playing with friends. This is simply a must have for all of those NBA fanatics.

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