NBA 2K6 (PS2) Cheats

NBA 2K6 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to keep a good team
If you need help on franchise mode, this is for you. Before you start the first season, set the Trade Deadline to off. Then simulate or play all of the games and days until the last week. Look at the standings. Trade first round draft picks with the third worst team (one will never accept). Then start scouting the third best player that you need. After the playoffs, the scouts will give a mock draft. Say you have the third pick, then scout the third best guy(If you need him). If you don't need him, get a different one.EXAMPLE: I have the third pick. I need a PG. The mock draft says i need a C. Look at the other first rounders and pick the best PG.Keep doing that for the next few seasons and pretty soon you will win the title.
NBA 2k6 Achievements list
Get a Triple-Double (250): You must shoot a triple-double with any player.

Grab 20 Rebounds (250): You must pull down a 20 rebounds with any player.

Make 15 3-Pointers in One Game (150): You must shoot 15 3-pointers in a single game.

Score 140 Points (200): You must shoot 140 total points with any team.

Score 50 Points (150): You must shoot 50 points with any player.
Power Bar Codes
KOBE ... Air Zoom Kobe 1 (shoes)
lebronsummerkicks ... Lebron James (shoes)
anklebreakers ... Up-Tempo Nike (shoes)
31andonly ... New Pacers (Jerseys)
ballers ... All celebrity players (24/7 mode)
You need him!
One guy that you must have on your team is Brad Miller! He can rebound, block shots, and win tip-offs.


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Game Day Cheats

Game Day Cheats:

2KSPORTS... Unlock 2K dev-team
NBA2K6 ... Unlock NBA 2K6 dev-team
vcteam ... Unlock Visual Concepts dev-team
noinjury ... No injuries incurred during quick game
nrgmax ... No fatigue incurred during quick game
pbink ... Unlock Power Bar tatto in Create-A-Player mode
lockdown ... Increase Defensive Awareness by 10
getaclue ... Increase Offensive Awareness by 10
Teams & Shoes
Enter the codes to the right of what you unlock under the cheat code menue.

Unlocks 05-06 Indiana Pacers Home and Away Jerseys- 31andonly

Unlocks 2kSports Dev Team- 2ksports

Unlocks celebrity players on 24/7 mode- ballers

Unlocks the NBA 2k6 Dev Team- nba2k6

Unlock the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1- kobe (case sensative)