ESPN NBA Basketball 24/7 Mode FAQ Final
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ESPN NBA Basketball 24/7 Mode FAQ

by menji76   Updated to vFinal on

      / _____/  / _____/   /       /  /  \      / /
     / _____   / /_____   /  / /  /  / /\ \    / /
    /  ____/  /____   /  /  _____/  / /  \ \  / /
   / ______   _____/ /  / /        / /    \ \/ /
  / ______/  /______/  / /        /_/      \__/

       /  \      / /  /       /  /  \
      / /\ \    / /  /  /_/  /  / /\ \
     / /  \ \  / /  /       /  /  __  \
    / /    \ \/ /  /  /_/  /  /  /  \  \
   / /      \__/  /_______/  /__/    \__\

BB  BBB            SSS  KK  K            BBBB            LL LL
BBB  BB  AA   AAA    SS KK K  EE     TT  BB BB  AA   AA  LL LL

                 22222   KK  K 44 44
                 2  22   KK K  44 44
                   22    KKK   44444
                  22     KK K     44
                 222222  KK  K    44

-ASCII Text by Menji76

24/7 Guide


Version FIN
Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
AIM: G0dlikeskills
YIM: g0dlikeskills

This is my first Faq, so I have to try out new a better ideas each time, I
hope this is helpful to all the ESPN Basketball fans, please e-mail me
about, comments, fixes, new tips or anything you canユt find using this

*Caution Spoilers*


Update History:
Version 1.0 06/24/04
Version 1.7 06/26/04 Added more items, tips, and opponents
Version 2.0 06/27/04 Added most items and opponents
Version 2.4 07/03/04 Added every item
Version 3.0 07/11/04 Added Basic Controls
Version 4.0 07/18/04 Added everything that I missed
Version 5.0 07/27/04 Grammered/Spelled out guide and changed title/Credit Rows
Version 5.1 08/13/04 Added some extra stuff
Version 5.2 08/15/04 Added sites that can post
Version 5.3 09/02/04 Added site that can post
Version 6.0 10/29/04 FAQ Redesign layout
Version FIN 02/06/05


These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere
else please report to be via email as this is a copyright violation.


Author's Note;

This is the final version of this faq, after six months of playing 24/7, I have
obtained 3010 rank points, not knowing how high it goes and the fact that my
file was erased has stopped me from playing. This faq will no longer be
updated, but I can still answer questions. This has been a Menji76 FAQ.


Table of Contents:

S:  Basic Controls
II: 24/7 Game Modes
III:Item List
IV: Opponents and Rank Points
V:  Tips
    Special Thanks
    Copyright Info


Section S:

Basic Controls: T=Triangle S=Square

Button:    What it does; [O]=Offense, [D]=Defense, [M]=Main Menu

D-Pad Up/Down/Left/Right:  [O]Moves Player In Direction [D]Moves Player
In Direction [M]Select option.
Start: [0]Pauses Game [D]Pauses Game [M]Selects Highlighted Mode
Select: [O]Call Timeout (Not in 24/7) [D]Nothing [M]Nothing
X Button: [O]With Ball: Pass, or use with Up for a lead pass [D]Switch to
close player to ball holder [M]Selects Highlighted Mode
Square Button: [O]With Ball: Hold and Release for a shot, or tap for a
pump fake, jumps for rebound [D]Jumps for rebound, Block Shots
[M]Hold for Help menu
O Button: [O]Cross-over moves (Hold in context with L/R/U/D)
[D]Attempts a Steal [M]Load Data
Triangle Button: [O]Brings up icons(R1/T/X/S/O) [D]Brings up
icons(R1/T/X/S/O) [M] Cancel, go back a screen
L1 Button: [O]Posts Opponets up, Box out for rebound [D]Box out for
rebound [M]Nothing
L2 Button: [O]Nothing [D] Nothing [M]Nothing
L3 Button: [O]Calls for Screen, (As stick; moves player in given direction)
[D]Call for Double Team, Press again to Releave of his assistances
R1 Button [O]Turbo Boost (Hold) [D]Turbo Boost (Hold) [M]Nothing
R2 Button [O]Call Offensive Play(Not in 24/7) [D] Call Defensive Play (Not
in 24/7) [M]Nothing
R3 Button [O]Perform ISOmotion(Move L/R/U/D) [D]Line up with ball
handler [M] Nothing

Combination Controls:

S + X When teammate is running towards hoop

--Section I--

Q: What is 24/7 mode?
A: A game mode in ESPN NBA BASKETBALL where you create your own
character and build up his skills. Just like the name if you donユt come
back to play every day your stats will go down like in real life.

Q: How do you build stats up?
A: You go to the training center and work on differect aspects to complete.

Q: How do I get more Rank Points?
A: Play in one of the different areas and beat the player you are put up
against to 21.

Q: Is Michael Jordan in the game?
A: No, even though him and Charles Barkely were on the 90ユs all-star
team they are not on that roster, I have no clue why they were not put in.

Q: What different grades are there and how can you get them?
A: If you score 21 points in a game, then S=0, A=1-5, B=6-11, C=12-18
D=19+ F=Lose, if you make 22 points in a game, then itユs one lower for

Q: What happens when you beat it?
A: You really understand the basketball game so much more. It also lets you
stay away for a long time and you don't lose your stats.

Q: What is the highest rank points you can achieve?
A: I originally thought it would be 3000 but I now believe it could be up to
9999 points, my file was erased and I have no urge to start it again.


--Section II--

24/7 Game modes:

Bomb Ball: Donユt get caught with the exploding ball or 1 point penalty.

Giant Ball: Play a game where the ball is bigger and is harder to make
shots with.

Historic: Play a 1-on-1 match with a legend.

Holiday 1-on-1 Play a game with reversed controls.

Long Range Only: Only three pointers count.

No Blocks: Play a game where you lose points if your shot is blocked.

No Steals: Play a game where you lose points if you have the ball stolen.

No Jump Shots: Play a game where you lose points if you shoot anything
but lay-ups/dunks.

Jump shots only: Play a game where you can only shoot jump shots.

Open Run 2-on-2: Play a 2-on-2 with normal rules.

Open Run 1-on-1: Play a 1-on-1 with normal rules.

Score Challenge: Play a 1-on-1 where your opponent has a lead at the

Score Challenge 2-on-2: Play a 2-on-2 where your opponents have a
lead at the start.

Small Ball: Play a game where the ball is smaller and easier to make
shots with.

Survivor: Beat opponents but opponents score stays with the new

Time Limit 1-on-1: Play a 1-on-1 with a specific time limit.

Time Limit 2-on-2: Play a 2-on-2 with a specific time limit.

Tounament: Beat 5 opponents with normal rules.

Turbo Challenge: Turbo Speed is cancelled.

Wild Card MadnessL: Play a random 1-on-1 game.


--Section III--

-Item List- (According to the cheat that gives you everything, this is a what
it gives you).

Face Items:=

Happy Mask
Red Stylish Glasses
Yellow Stylish Glasses
Mirror Stylish Glasses
Broken Stylish Glasses
Beat Glasses
Shade Stylish Glasses
Red Specs
Yellow Specs
Broken Specs
Shade Specs
Mirror Specs
Red Sport Glasses
Yellow Sport Glasses
Blind Fold
Pirate Patch
Surgical Mask
Robot Goggles
Beat Glasses
X-Ray Glasses
Night Vision
Mirror Glasses
Shade Glasses
Normal Glasses
Yellow Glasses
Red Glasses
Sport Glasses

Whole Head Items:=

Hockey Mask
Futurecycle Helmet
Ooga Booga Mask
Bsketball Head
Paper Bag
AiAi Head
Temjn Head
Ugly Head

Head Items:=

Eastern Cap
Sega Headband
2K4 HeadBand
SC Cap
Western Cap
Black Bucket Hat
Black FisherMan
Brown FisherMan
Orange FisherMan
Grey Beany
Red Bandana
Blue Bandana
2K4 FisherMan
Doo Rag
ESPN Headband
Sega Fisherman
White FisherMan
Sega Bandana
2K4 Bandana
Army Helmet
Emperor Cap
Black Buckethat
Red Buckethat
White Hat
Saipan Hat
Black hat
Flower Pot
Sega Cap
Retro Cap

Jersey Items:=

Retro Knicks
Retro Grizzlies
Retro Raptors
Retro Rockets
Retro Magic
Retro Cavalaries
Retro Suns
Retro Timberwolves
Retro Heat
Retro Hornets
Retro Mavericks
Retro ESPN
Retro 2K4
Retro Pacers
Retro Braves
Retro Kings
Retro Bucks
Retro SuperSonics
Retro Bullets
Retro Warriors
Retro Lakers
2K4 Jersey
Sega Jersey
Sega Pattern Jersey
Camo Jersey
Artic Camo Jersey
Urban Camo Jersey
VC Logo
Sweat Jersey
Espn Jersey
NBA Jersey
Baylor Jersey
Gervin Jersey
Orange 2k4 Jersey
Tan 2K4 Jersey
Brown 2K4 Jersey
Frazier Jersey
VC Jersey
ESPN Green Jersey
Cousy Jersey
Erving Jersey
Wilt Jersey
Bird Jersey
Magic Jersey
Walton Jersey
English Jersey
Isiah Jersey
Drexler Jersey
Dominique Jersey
Russell Jersey
Barry Jersey
Archibald Jersey
Robertson Jersey
Abdul-Jabar Jersey
Malone Jersey
Pistol Jersey
ESPN Game Jersey
Service Games Home
Service Games Away

Shorts Items:=

Retro Knicks
Retro Grizzlies
Retro Raptors
Retro Rockets
Retro Magic
Retro Cavalaries
Retro Suns
Retro Timberwolves
Retro Heat
Retro Hornets
Retro Mavericks
Retro ESPN
Retro 2K4
Retro Pacers
Retro Braves
Retro Kings
Retro Bucks
Retro SuperSonics
Retro Bullets
Retro Warriors
Retro Lakers

Shoe Items:=

Camping Boots
Combat Boots
Car Slippers
Night Slippers
Purple Classics
Yellow Classics
Construction Boots
Camo Jungle Hi-Tops
Silver Hi-Tops
Gold Hi-Tops
Camo Artic Hi-Tops
Black Hi-Tops
ESPN Hi-Tops
2K4 Hi-Tops
Sega Hi-Tops

L/R Wrist Items:=

2K4 Wristband
Black Wristband
Gold Bracelet
Metal Stylish Watch
2k4 Sport Wristband
Black Stylish Watch
Gold Stylish Watch
Team Armband 1
Team Armband 2
ESPN Sports Watch
2K4 Sports Watch
Sega Sports Watch
White Wristband
Yellow Wristband
ESPN Wristband
Sega Wristband
Team Wristband 1
Team Wristband 2
Black Armband
White Armband
Iced Bracelet
Platnium Bracelet
Spiked Band
DayGlown Band
Cowry Band Wristband
Dbl Black Wristband
Dbl Team 1
Dbl Team 2

Ball Items:=


Neck Items:=

Cowry Giant Beads
Big Beads
Giant Beads
Ski Goggles
Beats' Blades
Sega Ice
Gold Link
Platnium Link

Back Items:=

Green Backpack
Burgundy Backpack
Sega Backpack
Sega Messenger
Saipan hat
Leather Messenger
Metal Messenger

Waist Items:=

Black Cellphone
Leather Bag
Black Bag
Retro Phone
Back Support
Walkie Talkie 1
Walkie Talkie 2
Chain Belt
Wild Cellphone
Wild Zuray
Black Zuray


Section IV

This list is incomplete, the amount of players is to great to list as new ones
are always popping up.

Opponent List and Rank Points:
*= Legends

Abdul-Jabar, Kareem 3000
Allen, Ray 2800
Alston, Rafer 1275
Anthony, Carmelo 1600
Artest, Ron 2000
*Archibald, Nathaniel
Baker, Vin 1805
*Barry, Rick 1600
*Baylor, Elgin 1900
*Bird, Larry 3000
Butler, Caron 1775
*Chamberlain, Wilt 3000
Coleman, Derrick 2020
Doolings, Kenyon 1290
*Drexler, Clyde 2200
Dunleavy, Mike 1620
*Erving, Julious 0
*English, Alex 1600
Fisher, Derek
Francis, Steve 2575
^Gameface 2500
Gasol, Pau 2325
*Gervin, George 2200
Ginoboli, Emanuel 1750
Gooden, Drew 1800
Gugliotta, Tom 1470
Ham, Darvin 1610
Harping, Matt 1850
Hassel, Trenton 1365
Hamiliton, Richard 2025
Houston, Allan 2065
Hughes, Larry 1675
James, Jerome 1250
*Johnson, Earvin(Magic) 3000
Kemp, Shawn 1590
Lewis, Rashard 2125
McGrady, Tracy 2950
Malone, Karl 2475
Marion, Shawn 2150
Martin, Kenyon 1900
Mashbaurn, Jamal 2075
Mercer, Ron
Miller, Mike 1700
Ming, Yao 1650
Moise, Jerome 1200
Nash, Steve 2050
Najera, Eduardo 1425
Okur, Mehmet 1440
OユNeil, Shaquile
Parker, Smush 1245
Parker, Tony 1315
^Phenom 3000
Pierce, Paul 2875
Pippen, Scottie 2105
Peterson, Morris 1825
Richardson, Jason 1950
*Robertson, Oscar
Rose, Jalen 2350
*Russel, Bill 2200
^Sense, Sixth 1800
Sprewell, Latrel 2525
Stevenson, Deyshawn 1320
Terry, Jason 1925
*Thomas, Isiah 1600
Tskitishvili, Nikoloz 1605
Wagner, Dajuan 1875
Walker, Antione 2220
*Walton, Bill 2200
Wallace, Gerald 1305
Webber, Chris 2775
*Wilkins, Dominque 2200
Woods, Qyntel 1395
Woods, Loren 1215


Section V

24/7 Tips

-Easy Points on Good Defense Players-
When you play the harder levels in 24/7 mode. Where the players guard
you very well, start at the top of the 3pt line and run to the left to the top
left corner of the key as you yourself look at it, then run straight
across the free throw line to the other side of the line, and once there run
straight down the key line, once you complete that you are right there
running to get an easy dunk or lay-up.

-Bomb Ball Tips-
If they ever score on you wait till the timer is exactly 4.0 seconds and
launch a three. If you do it right, they will catch the rebound and it will
explode soon after causing them to lose a point. Another tip is to never
get a rebound unless itユs absolutely necessary.

-Open Shots-
In the beginning game places, you can fake most ballers out with the
pump fake, and get a wide open three, by slightly tapping the Square
button, then while they coming down shoot the three. Be careful while
doing this to often or against the harder ballers, as they can steal it from

-Once you beat the final Boss, your attributes will never deteriorate, you
can play him once you reach 2900 rank points.


Special Thanks:
To the VC crew for making the best looking Basketball game out there,
the Sega Crew for publishing it, and all the great nba stars who without
them there would just be people with numbers running around. And to
everyone that helped me get this faq up, and use a lot of there time, and if
I forget someone, just tell me:

-CJayC    - For making gamefaqs
-Menji76  - For making this FAQ

Sites:     - For Hosting my FAQ    - For Hosting my FAQ  - For Hosting my FAQ     - For Hosting my FAQ


Copyright 2004-2005 NickWorks
Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
No part of this guide can be used or recreated without the written consent
of Nick Bryant.
This is not the official guide of ESPN BASKETBALL, and I have no
affiliation with SEGA, Visual Concepts, or ESPN.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.