[edit] Background

NBA 2K15 is a basketball simulation game which focuses on the American basketball league, the National Basketball Association and is officially licensed. Players control basketball teams where the aim is to win the match. TheNBA 2K series is released annually and the game was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for various platforms in 2014.

[edit] Gameplay

The basketball matches simulate the experience of the a NBA game with it's realistic physics and player movements; the player animations during the games are similar to those made by their real life counterparts.

The game includes current NBA teams, historic teams and also Euroleague teams. There are over 30 current NBA teams, over 40 historic teams and over 10 Euroleague teams to choose from.

This addition to the NBA 2K series includes a variety of single players modes including a story mode in the form of MyCareer; this mode allows the player to create a custom character and guide them through the NBA from rookie to superstar. The player controls their character in games and during their career it is possible to get sponsors and use social media to gain more fans. After building the character enough, the player can control their character in an online mode called MyPark.

MyGM allows players to take on the role of General Manager and run the behind the scenes of a basketball team for their choosing. The player is able to negotiate contracts, control training times and also decide who plays for the team; it also allows the player to customize some aspects of their team.

The MyLeague Mode is similar to MyGM, this mode allows the player to experience running a NBA franchise. The player is able to customize almost everything relating to players, teams and the seasons; players can modify the season lengths and deal with team roosters.

Previously seen in older games in the series, The Association mode returns which gives players the ability to form a new team. The player is able to sign new players, trade players and follow player trends to create a strong team to play matches against AI with the aim of winning the season. There is also a special 2K Heroes mode which allows player to compete with some of the best teams in the NBA and headed by some of the most famous players of all time; the team with the most wins during a certain time frame will have that player's charity receive a donation from 2k Games. Both of these modes are only available on the previous generation on consoles however.

There are various online multiplayer modes which are made up of both casual and serious play; the Online Leagues has returned where players can take control of a team and compete online against other users. There is also the Stage mode where players may compete against each other using their own MyCareer character, players can also wage bets on the matches using virtual currency.

MyTeam is the collectible card game where players can buy virtual card packs containing players, coaches, uniforms and more which are all used to build a strong team; this mode words both online and offline where players have the option to go online and fight other players or complete solo challenges and tournaments. Players can sell and buy new cards at the Auction House which allows them to trade with other players.

Players can take their MyCareer Mode character online with MyPark, there are three communities which can be joined and each one has their own special ability boost. Joining a community allows the player to compete against the other communities on Rival days where players can fight in 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 games. In addition to this, the Crew Mode allows the player to take their character and form a Crew to play in street basketball games against other players.

[edit] What's New in 2K15

This addition to the series has seen a variety of improvements including the scanning system which allows the player to scan their face into the game which can then be used on a custom character. Gameplay also saw general enhancements to improve offense and defense in AI so that are more realistic and react better to the game; there is a new shooting meter which displays the chance of getting the shot and requires the player to press the button at the correct moment in time.

Shooting the ball is more realistic in this game and scoring is now based on three attributes: the players rating, the players fatigue and the human players timing. However, this does not guarantee that a shot will score a point.

[edit] Features

Over 80 teams – Control popular present, historic and Euroleague teams

Create a custom character – Design a new character and turn them into a superstar in MyCareer

Get added to the game – Use the scanning system to place someones face onto a custom character

Control the behind the scenes – Take on the role of General Manager in MyGM or control the franchise in MyLeague

Build a new team – Forge a new team in The Association and work to the top of the ladder

Online multiplayer – Play against other players in casual and serious matches

Collect cards – Collect and trade card to build a strong team to fight other players with in MyTeam

[edit] Players Liked

  • MyCareer Mode
  • The new shot meter
  • Smooth controls

[edit] Players Didn't Like

  • The face scan doesn't always work
  • Server issue for the online modes
  • Defending against elite players is difficult

[edit] Hardware

NBA 2K15 is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and for PC. The MyTeams collectible card game mode is also available for iOS and Android devices.

The face scanning feature requires the use of a camera; for the PlayStation the player must use the PlayStation Camera and for the Xbox the user must use the Kinnect.


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