[edit] Background

NBA 2K14 is a basketball simulation game where the players aim is to win the match or complete the tasks set by the gamemode. The game is focused on the National Basketball Association (NBA) and includes popular players and teams from the NBA. It follows the annual release of the NBA 2K game series.

The game was developed by Visual Arts and published by 2K Sports in 2013 for a variety of platforms.

[edit] Gameplay

Each gamemode has slightly different gameplay however, for the most part players will be controlling the basketball players on the team with the goal of defeating the other team. Players are able to have quick matches using the Quick Play Mode, it allows players to compete in team-based games against the AI. The game includes 30 NBA teams and 15 EuroLeague teams for the player to control in games.

The basic story mode seen in previous games has returned as MyCareer; the single player mode allows the player to create a character and take them through the steps of being drafted into the NBA. The player controls their character through various seasons and playoffs with the storyline featuring situations from both on and off the court.

Players are able to create their own character using MyPlayer, the mode provides many customization options for the character such as name, appearance, position, body stats and more. The stats for the player changes through the game as the become more experienced in matches. This character is used as the main character in the MyCareer story mode.

Along with MyCareer, there is a new story mode where the player controls LeBron James as he progresses through his career. The mode does not contain customization but the player is tasked with completing certain games and reach specific goals during them also. This mode is limited to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA 2K14 only.

MyGM has returned in this game and it puts players in control of a team for one season; the player acts as a NBA General Manager for one team. There are a variety of teams for the player to select one and each of these teams are unique in the sense that they feature different budgets and restrictions. The player is able to make financial decisions for the team and can communicate with the owner of the team through choice-based communication.

There are also several online modes for the game, the main mode however is MyTeam where players collect and trade cards which are used to create a strong team. The player buys card packs using virtual currency, the contents of the packs is randomly generated and may include arenas, stat bonuses, legendary players and more customization. Players can compete online against other players with their card based teams.

The Crew Mode is an online mode where each player controls a single player on the court; this mode allows for 10 players to play the same game with 5 on each side. The character used in this mode if the one created in the MyPlayer mode and the same character used for the MyCareer mode.

The game also features a Quick Play online mode and MyPark where players join a community then play against each other on Rival Days to compete in matches.

[edit] What's New in 2K14

The LeBron: Path to Greatness mode is new to the series and is an alternative to the MyCareer mode however this is more limited as the future is already certain. New skills have been added to the game which provide a special bonus to the player that has the skill, these skills range in all attributes that affect the gameplay such as passing and rebound shots.

There is a new Training Camp Mode where the player can practice the new controls before taking on the MyCareer Mode or going online to fight other players. In addition to this, the Training Drills now have their own menu in MyCareer Mode which means the player no longer needs to return to the main menu to start a new training session.

The game features over 3000 new animations and an expanded player motion system which provides the user with greater control over the players while still being responsive. Improvements were also made to the in-game commentary, passing the ball, blocking mechanics and to the offensive capability of the AI.

[edit] Features

Create a character – Create a new player and take them to the stars in MyCareer

45 different teams – Take control of the unique teams in Quick Play Mode for offline and online play

Manage the teams – Take the role of General Manager and control the roster, budgets and everything else necessary to take the team to greatness

Collect cards – Build a card based team in MyTeam and compete against other players online

The Crew Mode – Take the created MyCareer character online and play with other customized characters in 5v5 matches

[edit] Players Liked

  • Great graphics
  • MyGM mode
  • The soundtrack

[edit] Players Didn't Like

  • Player control is bad
  • Story is bad
  • Too many cutscenes

[edit] Hardware

NBA 2K14 is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and for Windows PC.

The MyTeam mode is also available for iOS and Android devices.


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