[edit] Background

NBA 2K13 is a basketball based sports game set in the North American National Basketball Association (NBA) which is the most popular basketball league in the country. Players take control of specific players on the court with the aim of scoring the most points to win the match.

It was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports in 2012; the game was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation Portable and PC. Additionally, some features are available on iOS and Android devices.

[edit] Gameplay

There are a variety of gamemodes available to players, and each console versions contains different gamemodes that suit the particular console; the Xbox 360 version includes a “Kinetic Ready” mode where the player can use the Kinect to tell their players what to do during matches.

MyPlayer and MyCareer modes are featured in each console and PC version of the game; players can create and customize their character with MyPlayer mode then they can take that character into the main campaign.

MyCareer mode acts at the main campaign for the game where the player must lead their character to glory in the NBA by winning matches, interacting with fans through a virtual Twitter and by dealing with endorsements. Players must actively control their character during games and outside of matches there are performable actions that influence their reputation.

Players have access to another mode that allows them to customize their games; the MyTeam mode makes it possible to create custom teams using all players in the game including players from the NBA Legends category. They can be given a custom uniform and arena before the player takes them online to fight against other players.

The Association mode allows players to customize and manage their own NBA teams to lead them to victory in the championships; strategies can be designed, implemented and changed mid-game if needed. It provides players with information about each player which can be utilized to select a line-up for matches or to locate and remove weaker players. New players can be bought for the team at any time and contracts can be re-negotiated to find the best deal possible.

It is also possible to play quick matches as a single player or with friends using local and online co-op. There are also versus modes to compete against other players both locally and online.

When controlling players on the court, they have various moves which can be used with specific button press combinations; players can steal the ball from others, dodge, block or defend and also score points.

[edit] What's New

NBA2K13 features the standard upgrades that enhance and improve each of the main gamemodes; this is also the first game to separate the MyPlayer and MyCareer modes. Each gamemode has received many improvements and new features such as MyCareer mode which has gained a new coach feedback system to help the player improve.

The AI has been drastically improved and will now react accordingly to the playstyle of the player; if the player hangs back to take long distance shots, then the AI will know to give you the ball if you're open.

There is a new Virtual Currency system where the player is rewarded for playing matches; the VC can be spent upgrading the MyPlayer with a range of new clothing items. These clothing items can also add stat-modifying bonuses to further customize a particular playstyle.

New players and teams are included in the game including the 1992 Dream Team; there are various other Dream Teams which can compete in matches against each other. I

In addition to the console specific content, there was also a unique gamemode available to those who pre-ordered the game. NBA All-Star Weekend allows users to pit players against each other in skill contests and offered an online versus for the mode.

[edit] Features

Wide number of gamemodes – Play through a variety of modes for solo, co-op and multiplayer content

MyPlayer – Create a completely unique character by customizing their looks and player skills

My Career – Lead the MyPlayer to victory in the NBA and maintain a good reputation to reach the highest level of the NBA

MyTeam – Form a fantasy team and take them online to battle other players

Association Mode – Manage a team to strengthen them with new players and solid training to reach the championships

Local and Online multiplayer – Play alongside friends with co-op or play to win in the versus modes

Varied content – Each version of NBA 2K13 has different content available to players which suit that device

[edit] Players liked:

  • Nice graphics
  • Good online servers
  • Realistic gameplay
  • The VC system

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Limited music tracks available
  • Rebounding needs some work
  • Contains microtransactions
  • Some controls are awkward


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