Naval Assault: The Killing Tide

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide Cheats

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Ensign (10)Complete the tutorial mission
Northern Exposure (10)Complete the North Sea missions
Baywatch (15)Complete the Bay of Biscay missions
Clear the Channel (15)Complete the English Channel missions
Farewell to the Cape (15)Complete the Cape Farewell missions
Save the World (50)Complete the game
Lieutenant (25)Earn 75 stars
Commander (30)Earn 90 stars
Captain (40)Earn 110 stars
Admiral (80)Earn 130 stars
Big Fish in Little Pond (30)Complete North Sea mission one with the Stingray
Steady Shot (10)Complete the Prologue mission without hitting friendlies
Man the Decks (15)Complete North Sea mission one without using torpedoes
Invincible (15)Complete North Sea mission one without taking damage
Stay Wet (15)Complete North Sea mission two without surfacing
Privateer (15)Capture three ships in North Sea mission two
Thread the Needle (20)Complete North Sea mission three without hitting any mines
Demolitionist (20)Destroy twenty mines in North Sea mission three
Careful with that (20)Destroy all six guns in North Sea mission three
Outgunned (15)Complete North Sea mission four in the Victory
Steel Sights (15)Shoot down ten bombers in North Sea mission five
Caped Crusader (10)Complete Cape Farewell mission one in the Stingray
Privateer II (10)Capture five ships in Cape Farewell mission two
No Fish in the Tube (15)Complete Cape Farewell mission three without using the deck gun
Tough as Nails (15)Complete Cape Farewell mission four taking fifty percent damage or less
Deadeye (15)Shoot down eight fighters in Cape Farewell mission five
Bay Hunter (20)Complete Bay of Biscay mission one in the Sentinel
Demolitionist II (15)Destroy twenty mines in Bay of Biscay mission two
Hat Trick (20)Destroy three enemy subs in Bay of Biscay mission three
Steady shot II (20)Complete Bay of Biscay mission four without hitting friendlies
Deadeye II (20)Shoot down twenty fighters in Bay of Biscay mission five
Man the Decks II (30)Complete English Channel mission one without using torpedoes
Channel Defender (15)Complete English Channel mission two in the Patriot
Deadeye III (20)Shoot down twenty fighters in English Channel mission three
Indomitable (20)Complete English Channel mission four taking thirty percent damage or less
Steel Sights II (25)Shoot down ten bombers in English Channel mission five
Steady shot III (30)Complete US East Coast mission one without hitting friendlies
Privateer III (20)Capture seven ships in US East Coast mission two
Tube Trouble (30)Complete US East Coast mission three using eight or fewer torpedoes
Ironclad (30)Complete US East Coast mission four taking twenty percent damage or less
Patriot Son (39)Complete US East Coast mission four without using torpedoes
Legendary (1)Complete US East Coast mission five in the Sentinel
Ping (10)Complete an online game
Making Friends (20)Win an online game
Intercept This! (30)Intercept 4 transmissions in a 3 minute game
Shut Out (40)Win an online game to 3 points with all other players at zero
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