Nascar Rumble Cheats

Nascar Rumble cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

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Nascar Rumble Cheats

Cheat Codes
Select "Game Options" from the Main Menu, highlight "Load and Save", press Left, then press X to enter the password screen.

All Tracks & Legend Drivers through the pro level enter "C9P5AU8NAA"

Unlock everything and a hidden FMV sequence enter "KMZWA8AWAA"

Hint: Wrenches to access hidden cars:

Chicken truck
Located in a chicken hut on the "Fowl Play" track.

Sprint car
Located in the last shortcut on the 'Dog Tired' level. Turn Left at the track.

Jet car
Located on Bad Lands - Stoney Creek. On the last turn of the track hit the jump going Left. You should land on a shortcut. Turn around and return towards the end of the short cut. The wrench will appear in front of you.

EA Sports car
Complete the EA Tournament in rookie mode to unlock the EA Sports car in rookie mode. Complete the game in pro or elite mode to unlock the EA Sports car in those modes.

Golf cart
Located in Big Easy - Mardi Gras. In the middle of the track, take a shortcut Right through a house. Go to the last room and turn Right at the bookshelf. Break the wall to find the wrench.

On Metropolis - Night Flight, go up the blocked off ramp just before you get to the building where you normally jump across to break the glass. Stop and fall Down, go to the Left, and you will unlock the Hotrod.

Tow Truck
Play the Metropolis - Ship Shape track in single race mode. Go behind the starting line until you see a road off to the Right (going backwards). There will be a wrench there that unlocks the Tow Truck.

Road Captain
On Southern Exposure - Hog Hollow, go to the gas station towards the end with the barn next to it. Ram the barn doors to find the wrench that unlocks the Road Captain.

On Gold Rush - Golden Rule, after starting your race go either the top or bottom route when the track splits. Turn around after coming out of the caves and you will see two caves on the lower track. Go into the cave on the Right and you will unlock the Loader car.


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Fly using boosters
When you have a booster power up (the one with a rocket symbol) click triangle then before your car hits the ground press R2 to launch the booster then you'll be flying for 5-8 seconds... Note: Only applicable to a big space track. It cannot be done on a close space...
Freezing Tip...
Whenever the track ahead is straight, don't slow down for the Ice Blast and just take it. You'll slide in a straight line and then it will wear off...
Thunder Cloud Tip...
If you have Big Wheels on you can take a Thunder Cloud and it will not affect at all. If you don't have Big Wheels then as soon as your car starts turning violently, make sure you move in the opposite direction and your car will get back on track...
Tornado Tips:
Whenever somebody uses a Tornado quickly slowdown when it approaches ya. You can check how close it is to ya by looking back once in a while. Also the best time to use the tornado would be when you're somewhat close to last place and you just can't catch up...