NASCAR 06: Total Team Control (Xbox) Cheats

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Fantasy NASCAR Picks
When doing Fantasy Nascar (go to 'Games' in your cell phone), the best drivers to choose are:

Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhart Jr.
Ryan Newman
Tony Stewert
Jimmie Johnson
Kurt Busch
Greg Biffle
Carl Edwards

If you've ever noticed, those drivers seem to win the most races. Those are the smart choices to make when trying to win at Fantasy NASCAR.


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In 'Fight to the Top Mode', go to the edit driver screen and enter the below codes as your first and last name. The codes are case sensitive.

Code - Effect

All ForOne - Max Team Prestige
Gimme Gimme - Unlocks All
KeepCool; SmellGreat - Unlocks Everything related to 'Old Spice'
MeMyself AndI - Max Prestige
Race Thetruck - Unlocks UPS Truck
Super Star - Max Fan Level
The Intimidator - Unlocks Dale Earnhardt Sr. Car
Walmart Exclusive - Unlocks Walmart Driver and Track
Walmart Money - Gives you 10 Million Dollars