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Naruto: Clash of Ninja

The good:

-Story mode is closely related to the original Naruto manga/anime
-Detailed stages and fighting areas
-Realistic character voice overs
-Interesting control patterns
-GREAT Extras menu

The bad:

-Small character selection
-Low lasting value


Naruto: Clash of Ninja is a wonderful fighting game. Like I said in 'The Good' this game is closely related to the Naruto manga/anime. The story mode takes you through the entire Zabuza/Haku saga. Stages and fighting areas are taken also from the manga/anime. Such as The Academy schoolyard and rooftop, The Ichiraku Ramen shop, The Forest of Death, The Great Naruto Bridge and more. The control patterns in this game are interesting because of the way you move. Your player can only move forwards and backwards until you change your angle by pressing 'L' or 'R'. Also different combinations of bu...


You only threw a LOG!!!

The good:

The game is increadibly close to the anime. Beautiful cell shading and face paced fighting. A simple, yet challenging fighting style. While the same attack key is always used you will quickly see that you need to do more than tap the same button over and over to do well. You have to learn to use throws to set up your opponent for your special attack, etc. The simple attack system also promotes the exciting back and forth of ninjas using thier kawarimi no jutsu (they leave a log in thier place and pop up behind thier opponent). A fairly good range of characters. Many disagree but a fair portion of the characters which were introduced prior to the Chuunin Exam episodes are here. From what I've heard the expansion will include foreign ninjas such as Gaara and the Hidden Sound-nins. By the way, try to time it with your friends so that you're starting a throw when they use kawarimi no jutsu. If you do it right the THROW THE LOG!

The bad:

I can barely think of anything to put here. I guess the only thing is that you might not like the game so much if you don't already like the anime/manga.


I give this game a 4.8 because I personally have found NOTHING wrong with it, but concede that it's audience is somewhat limited stateside. If only they would hurry up and get Naruto licensed over here...


this game is INCREDIBLY CLOSE to the manga

The good:

the good thing about this game is how close everything is connected to the manga. each character has moves he/she actually uses in the manga (with the exception of iruka). the effects are spectacular and the action is extremely quick.

replacement technique is useable and adds flare to battles.

naruto, oiruke no jutsu is useable as counter

sharingan kakashi is unlockable character who can copy supers.

the music in stages where there is music is awesome just like the anime. its so great. and the sound effects are perfect.

its quite realistic in a ninja manga sense that there is delay for attacks and recovery time which means you need more skill.

for a challenge there is difficulty four which is very VERY taxing.

The bad:

sadly there isnt very much skill put into combo. combos are mostly like b+b+b+b+b or B+b+a+a+a or something like that, it needed work

also the major flaw is that the lack of characters


the character list is

kyuubi naruto
sharingan no kakashi
and haku

this as you can see is a very small amount of characters.

besides that, this game doesnt have many flaws BUT!!!!

it gets horribly boring if you only play by yourself. play it with friends


i would really ONLY reccomend this game to to strict fans of the manga

you can usually find this game running at around 60-70 bucks at online or local import stores. this is the type of game where there is no quarter circle foward punch moves so a arcadestick would be nice to add.

i would actually give two ratings

2/5 for NON FANS


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