Naruto: Clash of Ninja (GBA) Cheats

Naruto: Clash of Ninja cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Naruto: Clash of Ninja cheat codes.


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A bonus level!
Play the game and successfully complete it as any character to unlock a bonus mission at night for that person. This tip is great for learning of new levels after beating the game.
A Gallery!
After successfully completing the game as any character you will unlock a gallery of pictures at the main menu.
Defeating Ebisu Sensei and Konohamaru instantly!
Playing as Naruto, use the Harem Jutsu and then the battle will end instantly.
Defeating Konohamaru.
While playing as Kakashi use the "my favorite book". Ebisu will then appear behind you, when it is over, attack Konohamaru, repeat until he is dead. This tip is great for learning to beat Konohamaru successfully.
Defeating Temari.
Start with Naruto Uzumaki Barrage or Nine-Tail Demon Fox Chakra to lower her health. Start hitting her with Kunai. She will dodge some and some will hit. When she starts to use her Jutsu, just charge up so it will not effect you.
Dodge Temari's Wind Scythe Jutsu!
Hold R when she starts it instead of running into Temari's Wind Scythe Jutsu. When the wind is coming at you, release so that the wind scroll power hits the wind instead of you. Hit her with your Naruto Uzamaki Barrage or the Nine Tailed Fox Chakra if you found the scroll.
Easy Way to Damage Kiba & Akamaru
While going through the story with Naruto, use a failed version of Uzumaki Barrage. A failed version takes nearly all of their health away.
Gaara the new end boss!
Complete the game as any character and then replay as that same character to fight Gaara as the end boss.
How weapons you throw are deflected & The best weapon
Senbon (Needles) deflect nothing.
Shuriken (Ninja Throwing Star deflects Senbon.
Kunai (Ninja Knife) deflects Shuriken and Senbon.

So, as you see, the best weapon to have is the Kunai.
Makeout Paradise Page!
Make sure you have done the following: collected all 100 leaf icons, complete the game as Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi, and completed visual mode. Suddenly, at random, a page from the Makeout Paradise will appear while playing the game.
Play as Hatake Kakashi!
Play the game and successfully complete it as both Naruto and Sasuke.
Sound Test!
Complete the game with all 100 leaf icons and then you will unlcok the Sound Test option at the main menu of the game.
Use Lightning Blade without Scroll.
Play as Kakashi and fight Zabuza. Then use the summoning Jutsu on him, you will use Lightning Blade on Zabuza for a free use.


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Sasuke Mimicking Kakashi
If you have the fourth Jutsu, use Lions Barrage with Sasuke and he should talk with Kakashi's voice and say his "here it is" phrase!


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Play as Kakashi
Beat the game as both Sasuke and Naruto to unlock Kakashi as a playable character.