Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles cheat codes.


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Advice for if you have many shurikens, but are low on medicine
Trade in 90 Shurikens for 6 Medicine B items at Emporium Karin's General Store. This is one of the better bargains in the shop. You can always obtain more Shurikens by defeating enemies!
Advice for monitoring enemies
Keep an eye on the mini-radar on the right side of the screen. This indicator lets you know if enemies have moved behind Naruto and may be preparing an ambush from offscreen!
Advice on defeating bosses
Boss enemies have some super powerful jutsus! But while they prepare these attacks, they leave themselves open. Move in quickly and strike them while they prepare a jutsu to prevent their attack!
Advice on what to do during missions to obtain extras
When exploring environments during a mission, look for treasure chests in out of the way places. Smash them open to obtain items or rare Skill Chips!
barrage of lions & my own naruto attack
if you wanna see sasuke use the barrage of lions you'll have to do the "sasuke's challenge" part...

just take sasuke's HP down until it's in the red zone then stand around him and he'll use the barrage of lions...IT'S VERY KOOL!! enjoy

to use my own attack move just equip flash jump(skill chip) and have the perfect strike (skill chip) charge the power strike to full then flash jump and should launch you towards the don't really need the perfect strike chip and i call it "shooting star" (weird but effective too)
Best way to trade shurikens for medicine A
The best bargain is to trade 52 Shuriken for 13 3-Way Shurikens, and then trade these for a Medicine A.
Breaking bolders with out mr chubies
If you go on a mission with out chubs and finding you self having to break a bolder
like the third shop related misson
ether use your self witch takes a while
or use nenji and his blue barier thing to break it,each person can break it from my guesses
I did it like a hour ago so... havnt realy tested it.
Cart Rail
There's this point where the cave starts to crumble and you need to get out.If you saw the rock after Naruto speaks to the prisoner (I ain't completed the Prisoner Escort 3 and I don't know if this also happens if you complete the mission of the escort),Destroy it then head alternate starting left,so on and if you see a path straight ahead after a turn,take it.When it comes to the cart,attack the rail control thingy and observe....
If you still don't know what to do then read:
If you remember attacking the control,you'll see that it has 2 colors;orange and white.The orange one is downwards so,do that to the others.All orange halves should also be turned down and just go out after that.
Chakra Refill
On the loading screen when you spin the analog stick real fast a chakra ball comes up and your chakra will be refill by 25%
check out this attack!
i call this "heavens wrath"(works best with perfect strike)
start to charge your power strike and we its done hol it there, do a heavenward kick and befor they hit the ground, nail them with power strike, thus performg, heavens wrath

ALSO!!!!If u are having troble defeting saskue,charge power strike and hold, get close(not to close though, or youll regret it)and as soon as he goes pheniox fie on ya, get close and sexy jutsu him,now he is stunned so do my "heavens wrath"(up top in cse you didnt read it)
Choji? Who needs Choji?

On the parts with big boulders, the game tells you to use Choji. You don't need to use him. Use the Rasengan (fully powered) and it will break through the rock without delay.
(medium-high damage)
1. Hit the opponent with the square button once then wait a second (literally)
2. Repeat until you get six hits in a row
3. Then use the square and triangle button to do the Heavenward Kick
4. Right when you finish the Heavenward Kick (before the enemy falls)use it again.

I call this: Heaven's Replay
Defeat any boss in 10 seconds 100%garunteed!!!
Very simple i discoverd it on accident. but all you need to do is get like 30 fire kunia more or less depending on the boss. once you have these go fight the boss but make sure you already have your nine tails gauge up to the max. then enter the battlean get hit once or twice to get your health down to about half so you can axcess your nine tails chakra then use it . when you are demon form any boss will move in slow motion , then lock on and because of your nine tails power you are really fast and your boss is so slow he cant dodge anything and it increases the rate at which you can throw weapons, so start wipping fire kunia at him and his health gauge will go down crazy fast. ( fire kunia work best but you can use other weapons but try to use fire kunia or else it wont work no were near as good)
Easiest way to choose which mission to do
If the next available mission is a C or B rank mission but the one following that is a D rank mission, complete the D rank mission first. That way, Naruto is better prepared for greater challenges!
Easy way to defeat an opponent
Use standard attacks to knock one or more enemies off their feet. While they recover, hold the R2 button to prepare a Power Strike attack. When the fallen enemy rises, release the R2 button to attack!
easy way to get out of trouble
when you are surrounded by enemies,use the sexy jutsu,then when they're all stunned,use the rasengan.
fight curse mark saska
first when you have too fight him on lone pine hill when he is about to lose tern into the nine tailed fox and defeat him and then a cut Sean starts and then you will fight the cursed mark saska. realy works every time you can do it with out beating the game
Fight cursed marked sasuke
After beating the game twice once you get to the Sasuke's challenge after beating him once a bonus cutscene will start and you will fight cursed marked sasuke (lvl 1). He moves faster but not too fast
Getting Around
To escape from multiple enemies, I like to use the Dash (Just press the X button twice rapidly) I use this to get away when there a alot of enemies surrounding you at once.
Help on defeating enemies
If you find yourself unable to defeat commonly encountered enemies, place more red Taijutsu Skill Chips on your Skill Plate. This should boost your attack power enough to even the odds!
Help on strengthening your defense
If you find yourself running out of medicinal items, you should equip more blue Ninjutsu Skill Chips on your Skill Plate to boost your defense.
how to beat bosses eaiser.
ok here's what you do.use razengun (perfect strike)on your opponent.when they are knocked on the ground circle around him to the back. when they get up press square(4)then triangle.then while your hitting him store up your razengun gauge(power strike) hope i helped
semi-power full combo attack

(combo 1.medium damage)

lock on to an enemy and backfist him/her then press square to kick him/her in the air then press triangle to do an heavenward kick. depend in on your strength and there defence it will take a fair amount of damage off.

i nicknamed it "heaven's backfist.

(combo 2.medium-high damage)

this combo is a stronger version of the heaven's backfist combo.

lock on,then press square 3 times,then backfist him/her then do heavenward kick.again depend in your strength and there defence this could kill some weak enemys.

this ones called "heaven's judgement"

(combo 3.medium-very high damage)

this one is an improved version of heaven's judgement.

charge up your power strike then lock on and attack him with square 3 times the backfist to heavenward kick,(it will help alot if you have the perfect strike chip!!)then if you do it in time unleash a rasengan(power strike)and depend how strong you are and how weak the enemy is this could kill quite strong enemys!

this is called "apocoliptic charge!"

(final combo.medium-weak high)

this is a very simple cobmo much like the heaven's backfist

lock on then hit him with 3 squares then backfist him/her,but don't do the heavenward kick!,instead
attack him with 2 more square is quite useful and it will dealt a fair amount of damage.

this final one is called "fall from heaven"

now take these combos and kick some ninja butt!!!

p.s if you can improve these moves post them up on here!!!!!!!!!!! :-);-)
single naruto barrage
when fighting a boss lock onto them and dash at them then stop and then hit the square button 4 times then do the heavenward kick and when the opponent is in the air do a flash jump and hit the opponent as many times as you can before they hit the ground (which will be kinda quick)

[special power ending]
when the opponent in laying there after the combo barrage power up the rasendan or "power strike"
and have the perfect strike chip equiped and hit the opponent once they get up...hope i helped about (yes..this is a move by me..the one and only lol)
Skill plates
Fill up multiple skill plates and balance them all out, that way you can change them for various missions and battles based on what kind of enemies you will be facing and what kind of techniques you want to be using.

There is a bar in the top right corner of the screen during the placement of skill chips. Try to balance out these bars that way you will get some special bonuses.
special made up move
i made up this move this one is called shooting star!
(medium-weak damage)
lock on thencharge up for rasengan and jump then release.
(if u have perfect strike on dont charge all the way)

heavens rasengan
(medium-strong damage)
lock on then charge up rasengan and press x and [] to slide then press [] and use the flash jump and press /\ to backhand then fall to the ground and when u hit the ground press x and /\ to do an upercut as the guy falls release rasengan and that is my heavens rasengan.


Successfully complete the game to unlock Boss Battle, Kakashi Hatake and Gaara as support characters, and the Shuriken skill plate.


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Easy jumping
if you're having troubles jumping larger distances (like for example the moving crates in the warehouse) then simply equip the Air Dash skill chip. this makes way easier to get from point to point without falling down as much.
easy money and ninja tools
heres what you have to do, once you have beat the game you can fight bosses when ever you go fight kabuto, lock on to him and charge up the shadow clone jutsu. once he brings up a ninja as soon as he does it release the jutsu so the clones hit kabuto and the extra ninja, the extra ninja will die and kabuto will lay there, collect the orbs and items the extra ninja dropped, there you go. just keep repeating this and you'll have alot of virtue orbs and tools and PLUS your chakra will stay high cause the chakra orbs the extra ninja drops, this works better with the orb absorb and orb absorb plus skill-chips and the items skill-chip aswell as the virtue orb skill-chip for extra orbs and better chances of getting items. and as a plus kabuto will heal himself if he takes alot of damage so you can do this for hours aslong as you heal yourself and let kabuto heal himself, if you do this for about 3 hours you'll most likely have over 10000 virtue orbs! maybe more..or abit's just a guess but this DOES work cause i've done it lots of times!....oh yeah..sorry for making this long *blinks* sorry again ; ENJOY!
New Bosses
After you complete the game once, save your game and load it to start again. New and rewarding boss enemies appear on the Map Screen!
rasengan and lightning blade clash!
when fighting kakashi charge up the rasengan(power strike) and when kakashi gets about 10feet close to you use the rasengan and both naruto and kakashi will take damage

NOTE:be sure kakashi is far away or else he'll hit you first before rasengan and lightning blade clash
stamina recovery
when a part in the game is loading at any part with the konoha symbol in the right corner rotate the right or left analog stick and a blue ball will appear and then you'll get more stamina
ultimat combo move
First you charge you shadow clone to full power.Then run around to have 5-7 enemies around you. Then you use it, but right after start to charge your power srtike(half way) then release it. The next second you use a harem jutsu before you clones disappear. It is all about timing. If you can do it you need to practice.
I call this move the ancient clone combo.

P.S. insted of just letting the clones go you can use a Naruto barrage then power stike. this move is called ancient heaven clone combo. (yes it is a long name)
ultimate naruto clone barrage
in demon form keep using clones over and over and they should demolish the enemy(s)

works best with both the clone chip and barrage chip

[extra explosive ending]
when your demon time limit is almost over quickly use 3-4 fire blossoms quick