[edit] Background

Everyone's favorite orange track suit wearing ninja will finally make his much needed appearance in the form of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm exclusively for the Playstation 3 this fall. However, those curious can check out the demo on the Playstation Network. I have and if it is any indication, this could be one of the better Naruto titles released.

The demo has players selecting from only two characters (Naruto and Kakashi). An interesting aspect is the ability to have assist characters, which can help you in battle. The demo has Sasuke and Sakura backing Naruto, while Gai aids Kakashi. While this is a neat feature, hopefully in the final product you can choose from different support characters, although if they are following the story, these preset teams makes sense.

[edit] Gameplay

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM allows players to battle in full 3D across massive environments. Players will unleash powerful jutsu attacks, perform acrobatic evasive maneuvers and even run up walls and over water as they pursue their opponent for ninja supremacy. Players will be able to customize their character’s fighting style and recruit up to two support characters to put their own stamp on the action. Each character in the game is capable of unleashing powerful Awakening abilities under certain gameplay conditions, offering new traits and talents to the game’s impressive ninja roster of 25 popular characters from the animated series. NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM supports head-to-head multiplayer fighting for up to two players.

Allowing players to further immerse themselves in the world of NARUTO, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM introduces all-new free-roaming exploration across the Hidden Leaf Village and the Forest of Death. Players can search every inch of these iconic environments to take on more than 100 unique missions, collect valuable scrolls and interact with additional characters from the NARUTO animated series. Injecting additional variety to the game’s head-to head combat, these missions include races, special deliveries and large-scale battles against massive opponents.

[edit] Features

  • Experience Jaw-Dropping Cinematic Quality HD Graphics: Witness the cinema-quality animation comes to life in high definition. The line between Naruto animation and game graphics will truly disappear!
  • Roam Freely On Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Battle Grounds: Prepare to battle on robust, multi-dimensional battle grounds. Take advantage of the unique characteristics of each battle field! Battle is no longer limited to flat ground surfaces.
  • Unleash Your Ninja Dream Team: Form your own three-man dream squad to battle your opponents! Unleash your allies to defend you in battle, or order them to perform cooperative attacks against your opponents!
  • Discover A Brand New Mission Based Adventure Mode: Challenge a total of 100 compelling missions in Ultimate Mission Mode and experience the original animated TV series storyline up through the Sasuke Retrieval Arc!
  • Unleash Massive Secret Techniques on An Unprecedented Scale: Using the power of the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, you can now destroy your enemies with bigger, meaner, stronger and more cinematic secret techniques than ever before!
  • Master 25 Fully Transformable Warriors: Behold your characters transforming into powerful superior warriors in battle! All characters will possess amazing power that will expand the very scale of a battle to the next level!

This game is also known as Naruto Narutimate Storm in Japan.

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