Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes review
Got time to kill?

The good:

Has nice graphics (cel-shaded)
Will hold your interest for a while
Great for ad-hoc(?)and playing with your friends
Make your own 3 member team

The bad:

Very short
Very repititive
Only 20 characters
What happened to pressing the buttons(during specials) we all came to enjoy in Ultimate Ninja?


As a Naruto fan, I thought, "What the heck, why not", it really captured my interest when you could make a 3 cell team with all those special skills you get, these skills were very benefical, ranging from lowering your oppenent's stats/health/chakra, you could heal/buff your own characters. I found this very helpful when your in a position where you can't really win.

The gameplay was pretty much set for button-smashers. The only attack button was O, and just linking your attacks into other combos was rewarding, until the oppenent got you... Which would then result in you furiously pressing R, or taking out at least 10-15% of your health. There really isn't any skill involved in this game. Sure skill may help when battling your friends, but the game is also beatable by spamming your way through the levels. Sure destroying things in the background is fun, and so is using your awesome special to deliver huge damage, but think about it: hasn't a spammer been able to beat EVERY fighting game there is, just by do a certain attack over and over again?

The graphics were what you would expect an anime based game to have: cel-shading. The specials were nice, with that flying background and you and your oppenents the center of attention. One thing I disliked about the graphics were that if you or your oppenent switched planes, then the camera zoomed out so much, it was kinda hard to see where you were. Another thing was, you can't really see the character's faces (during actual combat).

This paragraph is directed only to Naruto fans. So skip over this if your not a Naruto fan. Wheter you're watchin the dub on Cartoon Network, watching the subs or reading the manga (either one) you will be far past this storyline. The game only takes you to meeting Itachi. I mean c'mon, Naruto Clash of Ninja 1 was only like 13 eps long. This shortens the game a lot. I was very diappointed when i figured this out.

There aren't very many specials each character is given. They only get like 3. In Ultimate Ninja they had like 3+. They are all very damaging and leave either you or your oppenent with a status effect.

After you beat the first part you may be like: "WTF are these scrolls for?" The answer is to achieve higher ranks. Ranking is from Academy Student - Hokage. This is very easy to do. You obtain scrolls from completing Heroes mode (colorful scroll) and Vs. CPU mode (Gold scrolls). Once you have enough, you can take on the next mission. These missions all consist of 1 thing: Win the fight. Then they usually say something else saying your oppenent has a handicap or you need to win a specific way. Other than that, getting to Hokage is very easy.

After you complete a mission it says something like: 100 points received. These points are used to strenthen your character in Vs. CPU or in Missions. You go the Power-UP Paramaters and assign points to a certain attribute; attack, speed, defense, etc. This gives you like a handicap and makes it a lot easier to kill your oppenent.

Overall, I enjoyed this game, but wished it was longer and with more content. It gets challenging after a while so don't get this if your not really commited to beating it. Although it is easy if your good at fighting games (or love to spam). Either way you will enjoy annhilating your friends, playing wirelessly.

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