Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes User Reviews


Got time to kill?

The good:

Has nice graphics (cel-shaded)
Will hold your interest for a while
Great for ad-hoc(?)and playing with your friends
Make your own 3 member team

The bad:

Very short
Very repititive
Only 20 characters
What happened to pressing the buttons(during specials) we all came to enjoy in Ultimate Ninja?


As a Naruto fan, I thought, "What the heck, why not", it really captured my interest when you could make a 3 cell team with all those special skills you get, these skills were very benefical, ranging from lowering your oppenent's stats/health/chakra, you could heal/buff your own characters. I found this very helpful when your in a position where you can't really win.

The gameplay was pretty much set for button-smashers. The only attack button was O, and just linking your attacks into other combos was rewarding, until the oppenent got you... Which would then result in you furiously pressing...


Pretty Good Game

The good:

-good graphics(cell shaded i think thats what it called lyk the dbz games on ps2)
-good 20 characters all woth different fighting styles to an extent
-character customistaton(sorta)
-can get difficult(who doesnt like a challenge)

The bad:

-to short
-bit repettitive(sorry bout the spelling)
-bit simplistic
-not enough stuff to do/unlock


The games is fairly simple its your basic fighting(mortal kombat) game. There are a few different modes which are slightly different. The actualy gameplay is also very simplistic with the circle button attacking, square to throw shuriken, triangle to use their special technique and x to jump. The different modes are as follows, heroes mode, vs cpu, mission mode(its called something different just cant remember it now), parameter power up, wireless mode and finally options. also the music in game is very good.

ok now to wach mode starting with heroes mode - heroesmode is where u make a party ...

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