Naruto RPG: Uketsugareshi Hi no Ishi (Import) Cheats

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Have Kakashi Fight
Ever get tired of having Kakashi do nothing? The answer to have him attack/do something useful is to take away his "Come, Come Paradise","Come, Come Violence" etc. books away by putting them in the vault when Kakashi is with you. This only increases the chance of him attacking by maybe 80%. He will still read something 10% of the time.


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At the title screen:
1. Hold L+Select.
2. Press B 5 times.
3. Press R 5 times.
4. Press (B, R) 3 times.
5. You should hear the drum and the Sharingan sound.

Iruka will now become an opponent in the Kumite Dojo when you've beaten all
previous levels. When you beat him, you'll get to fight a team of Itachi,
Orochimaru and Zabuza! Good luck!

At the title screen:
1. Hold L+R.
2. Press (right, left) 4 times.
3. Press (left, right) 4 times.
4. You should hear the Oiroke sound to show that it's activated.

Jiraiya is of an unknown level and has tons of jutsu. You can use Iruka to put
him in your pary, but you can't use him in the Kumite Dojo.