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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.2 on
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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2014

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Nancy Drew: 
Danger on Deception Island. To contact me about this guide, 
use my email address,

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:

The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Walkthrough

Start of Game

The game begins with Nancy arriving at Katie Firestone's 
boat. Oh no! The boat has been vandalized! Nancy packs her 
things onboard the ship, then gets started with solving the 

Nancy starts off inside Katie's boat. There are several 
things that you can do here, such as use Nancy's laptop, 
and you make a sandwich. You can also climb the stairs 
inside the boat to reach a small science area, where there 
is a book puzzle.

There is one puzzle that you want to solve at this point. 
Look at the sink to see it isn't working. This lets you 
solve a pipes puzzle. You want to put the pipes in place, 
from bottom to top, and you can only put one pipe in place 
at a time. The order is this:

4 10 11 13
3     9 12
2     7 8
   1  5 6

When you solve the puzzle, you see a business card 
belonging to Andy Jason, of Whale World.

Leave the inside area, then look at the top of the boat. 
Nancy sees that Katie's GPS is broken. Talk to Katie, and 
she tells you to get a new one from Holt Scotto at the Hot 
Kettle Cafe.

Leave the dock to reach the bicycle. Grab Nancy's helmet, 
then click on the bicycle to use it. There are three 
locations you can go to: the lighthouse, the Hot Kettle 
Café, and Whale World. Let's visit all of them!

Whale World has Andy Jason inside. Note that you cannot 
enter Whale World, without solving the pipes puzzle inside 
Katie's boat. Andy is a nice enough person, and he wants to 
buy Katie's whale watching operation.

Go into the museum area. There are four games you can play 
here, but Nancy notes they need a keycard. Return to Andy 
and ask him for one. Then, play all of the games!

One game is a matching game, where you match sounds to a 
type of whale. This is the solution:

1. Gray whale
2. Humpback whale
3. Minke whale
4. Killer whale
5. Dall's porpoise

Another game is feeding frenzy, where you must click on the 
orca as they appear. Click on fifteen or more orca to win!

Another game has you guiding a whale. Press the up, down, 
left and right buttons to move the whale around. You get 
points, when you move your whale to touch a fish, but you 
lose a life if you move your whale to touch something 
dangerous, like a shark, killer whale or giant squid. Get 
20,000 points to win.

The final game is a quiz. Answer a series of questions to 
1. Megaptera novaeangeliae is the scientific name for 
the Humpback whale.
2. The cetacean that can swim the fastest is the Dall's 
3. Sea mammals, including dolphins and killer whales, have 
been trained by the military because they are extremely 
4. Orcas are called "Killer whales" because they kill and 
eat other whales.
5. How many blowholes do baleen whales have? Two.
6. The diet of baleen whales consists mostly of: small fish 
and plankton.
7. The diet of toothed whales consists mostly of: small 
fish and other animals.
8. The throats of the baleen whales commonly seen around 
Deception Island are always grooved.
9. An example of a baleen whale is: All of the above.
10. Toothed whales do not possess: All of the above.

When you finish all the games, you can use your card at the 
whale of fortune. Nancy wins a free whale watching tour! Go 
to Andy to redeem the tour. Nancy sees lots of wildlife, 
include the orca that has been spotted in the area!

The Hot Kettle Café is closed, until you tell Katie about 
her broken GPS. Once you can get inside, talk to the man at 
the counter. He is Holt Scotto, a fisherman who is running 
for harbormaster. Tell him about the broken GPS, and he 
gives you a seamanship quiz. 

You need to type out the answers to the quiz. The answers 
can be found on Nancy's computer and in various other 
places in the game.
1. The sun always sets in the west. 
2. What is the current fine for clamming without a permit 
in Snake Horse Harbor? $138.43 
3. The left side of a boat is its port side. 
4. The moon always rises in the east. 
5. What does this mean in Morse Code: ...- --- - . ....- 
.... --- .-.. -? Vote 4 Holt 
6. The North Star is part of what constellation? Little 
7. A schooner is a boat with at least two masts. 
8. What is the name of the knot below? Fisherman 
9. What kind of knot is it? Bend
The final part of the seamanship quiz is to locate a male 
Dungeness crab. Look at the postcards here in the café to 
see what one looks like. The male crab has a thinner 
underside than the female crab; it looks like it is divided 
into three sections.

There is another person besides Holt at the Hot Kettle 
Café. She is Jenna Dublin, the owner. Jenna makes delicious 
food, and she dislikes Katie Firestone

The final location of the game is the lighthouse area. If 
you go to the lighthouse itself, you'll notice it's locked. 
Holt chases you away, before you can try to undo the 
combination lock.

In the lighthouse area, you can find crabs underneath 
rocks. Look for crabs, until you find a male crab. Then 
take it back to Holt. If you have the quiz completed, and 
if you have a male crab, Holt gives you a GPS.

Hilda Swenson's Hidden Messages

At the lighthouse area, you can walk out onto the rocks, 
instead of going up the path to the lighthouse. If you look 
out to the ocean from this area, you can see a note in a 
bottle floating around.

Pick up some small skipping stones (there are two piles of 
them in the lighthouse area) and use them on the note in a 
bottle. You then have a rock skipping challenge. The 
solution varies, depending on the rock, but with the middle 
stone, you can get it with the rightmost power and the 
second-from-left angle.

The note in the bottle is somewhat odd. It contains numbers 
and the word "Rosebud". If you ask Jenna about it, she says 
the notes are from Hilda Swenson, the former mayor.

There are three other notes in bottles that you must find. 
Go to Katie's area. One bottle is floating above the kayak. 
Provided you have Holt's GPS, grab the gear and go into the 
kayak. Go straight forward for the third bottle.

The fourth bottle is in the caves. If your back is to 
Katie's boat, the caves are on the far left of the harbor. 
Kayak over there, making your way around the markers which 
denote dangerous areas. The caves are a rather peaceful 

When you have all four bottles, look at your GPS. When you 
put together the numbers from all four bottles, they form 
GPS coordinates!

LAT. 48 42.517
LONG. 123 08.615

Enter the coordinates on Nancy's GPS to find a new area. 
Kayak over there to reach a hidden beach. Walk along the 
beach, and at the end is a shallow pool. By this is some 
seaweed. Pick up the seaweed to see a hidden container.

The container has flags on it. A poster of the flags is 
inside the Hot Kettle Café; each flag stands for a letter. 
You want to spell out the word "Rosebud" on the flags.

1. Yellow cross on red background
2. A yellow triangle left/below a red triangle.
3. All white with a blue square in the middle.
4. A blue rectangle above a red rectangle.
5. A red flag, with a missing triangle at right.
6. Four squares. The upper/left and bottom/right ones are 
red, while the others are white.
7. All yellow with a large horizontal blue stipe.

Solving the puzzle makes the device open, and you can read 
three papers from Hilda. She says that something is fishy 
in the harbor, and she needs your help to set things right. 
To start with, she needs you to go into the lighthouse and 
use the telegraph machine to send her a message.

What message do you have to send her? Well, look at the 
other piece of paper. It contains a long, strange story. 
The words on the story correspond to the poster at the Hot 
Kettle Café, which has words that stand for certain 

You are challenged to type the letters in, at the bottom of 
the page. The letters are "a s k h s a j j d f o r h i l d 
a s g i f t". Put together, they spell out "Ask HS AJ JD 
for Hilda's gift".

The final piece of paper here is a series of directions, 
which will be used later.

Hilda's Gifts

If you go to HS (Holt Scotto), AJ (Andy Jason) or JD (Jenna 
Dublin), you learn that all three of them received a gift 
from Hilda. Each gift has some letters on it, and each 
person wants you to do something, in exchange for seeing 
the gift.

Holt Scotto wants you to solve a chess puzzle for him. He 
lets you open his duffel bag and read the chess book, for 
reference. Inside the chess book is a note which gives you 
the combination to the lighthouse: 3 4 7 5.

If you are playing in Junior Detective Mode, the solution 
to Holt's puzzle is Q to D6 and Q to D8. If you are a 
Senior Detective, the solution is R to H5 and R to 
H7. Solving the puzzle gets you Holt's message: "one bum".

To get Andy's message, talk to him at Whale World. His 
message is on the keychain that is given to all his whale 
tour customers. If you haven't done so already, finish the 
games in his area and go on the whale watching tour (I 
described how to do this in the first section of the 
guide), then ask him for the keychain. His message is 

To get Jenna's message, you have to find fifteen clams. 
Before you can do that, you have to visit Andy Jason at 
Whale World. Talk to him, and he agrees to give you a clam 
tube and a clam permit, if you finish his display.

Turn around and look at the cadborosaurus display. This is 
a jigsaw puzzle, where you assemble a skeleton. If you put 
a piece into the correct spot, it snaps into place and can 
no longer be moved. Right-click to rotate a piece you're 
holding. Caddy's tail has bones sticking upwards.

When you're done, you can go clamming! The clams are found 
in two locations: the lighthouse and Hilda's secret beach. 
If you're too slow with the clam tube, the clam escapes and 
you have to try again later. At Hilda's secret beach, you 
can jump across a series of rocks to a sand bar with many 
clam holes. Just don't jump on the wrong rocks, or Nancy 
gets hurt!

When you get all fifteen clams, return to the Hot Kettle 
Café and give them to Jenna. Her necklace is inside a box, 
on a seat in one of the stalls. Look at the box for a 
matching game. Click on a tile to flip it, then click on 
another tile to flip it. If the two tiles match, they stay 
revealed. If not, they flip over.

Make matches over all three screens to get the message 
"eleph". In Junior Mode, every match has both tiles on the 
same screen. In Senior Mode, a match may have its two tiles 
on different screens.

When you get all three of Hilda's messages, go to Nancy's 
computer and use the handy anagram buster. You learn that 
the messages spell out "telephone number". Ah, so that's 
what Hilda wants you to send her!

Casey and the Wood

You can do this puzzle earlier on in the game.

Go to the lighthouse area and climb on the rocks. Nancy can 
find a piece of wood from a steamship. It looks like it is 
from a recent shipwreck.

Go to Katie and ask her about it. She tells you to call 
someone named Casey for more information. Go into Katie's 
boat and call Casey. He needs you to identify which type of 
wood it is.

Go to the upstairs area, inside Katie's boat. The library 
here is a mess! Put all the books into the drawer, with no 
space left over. The books should fit nicely into three 
columns. When you're done, take out the book on wood and 
read it all the way to get the phone number of a wood 

Look at the microscope area. Take out a slide, then put the 
piece of wood onto it. Look in the microscope to see what 
the piece of wood looks like.

Now, call the wood expect. She agrees to help you figure 
out which type of wood it is. If you haven't looked at the 
wood under a microscope yet, she makes you do so at this 

She asks you questions about the wood. Say it is brown, 
brown reddish, it has many holes, the holes are sizeable, 
and there are horizontal lines on the wood. It is Luan.

Call Casey to tell him about the wood. He looks up 
information about it.

Later on, call Casey to learn that the wood comes from a 
shipwreck in VERY deep water. It should be impossible for 
the wood to end up on the shore!

The Lighthouse Message

After Casey tells you about the shipwreck, he emails you 
something. It's a piece of information which says that the 
Hot Kettle Café used to be called "The Royal Flush". This 
is your clue to make royal flushes in the café.

Go there. To the right of the door is a panel. Open it to 
see buttons. You want to make a royal flush of diamonds 
here: Q 10 K J A. Nancy comments when you do this 

Between the two chairs against the wall is another panel. 
This one is clubs: J Q A K 10. A panel is right of the far 
window, and it is spades: A K J 10 Q.

After you finish clamming for Jenna, you can enter the 
other room of the café. Above the left booth there is the 
final panel. This one is hearts: 10 J Q A K.

When you make all four royal flushes, a passageway opens. 
Examine the table of the other booth in the back area to 
unlock it. This must be how the robbers got inside!

If you try to go down, Nancy comments that she needs a 
flashlight. Return to Katie's boat and ask her for one. 
Katie wants a sandwich, so go into the boat and make a 
sandwich for her. She gives you a headlamp, in exchange for 
the food. If you make her a rotten sandwich, it is a game 
over sequence.

When you have the headlamp, return to Jenna's and go down 
the hidden passageway. This passageway has cairns, which 
indicate where you can turn. Turn right at the cairn, then 
go forward all the way. Turn right at the next cairn and go 
forward. A minor scene of Nancy walking plays.

Go forward to a door. Pick up a bottle of spray from in 
front of the door, then pull the lever and go forward. You 
find a snake puzzle built into a door. Push the two middle 
pieces up to solve half of the puzzle.

Leave the hidden tunnels, then go to the lighthouse. A rock 
almost falls on you; look up to avoid it. If you looked in 
Holt's chess book, you know the lock combination is 3 4 7 
5. Enter the combination then step inside.

To the left is a stove-like device. Zoom in on the top of 
it and move the panel aside to find a lever. Pull the 
lever, then exit the lighthouse. Spin around the outside to 
the flagpole. Pulling the lever lets you open the doors 
here and go down to the basement.

In the basement, there is a table with lightbulbs on it. 
Take a lightbulb which does NOT make a sound when you pick 
it up. Look at the door to see the other half of the snake 
puzzle. Push the middle two pieces up.

Solving both sides of the snake puzzle on the door unlocks 
a new area! It leads to the sea caves. You'll return here 

Go back inside the lighthouse and climb to the top. Someone 
has been here recently. Examine the light signal. Use the 
spray can (from the tunnels) to get rid of the rust and put 
a lightbulb inside.

Now look at the Morse Code machine. Hilda wants you to send 
her your telephone number. That would be this: 

.....  (5) 
..---  (2) 
...--  (3) 
.....  (5) 
.....  (5) 
.....  (5) 
....-  (4) 
...--  (3) 
----.  (9) 
----.  (9)

When you do this successfully, you get a phone call from 
Hilda's Mission

Hilda says that she emailed you something. Go back to 
Katie's boat and use Nancy's computer. The email has GPS 
coordinates, with some numbers missing. Using Hilda's 
questions, you can figure out what the missing numbers are.

The solution 48 23.485 and 123 08.735. Travel to that 
location on your GPS to find a barrel. Hilda will call you 
at this point and give you a puzzle about anchor rock.

What you want to do is go to the tunnels again. Just like 
last time, you want to go right, then forward all the way, 
then right. A minor scene of Nancy walking plays. Go 
forward and turn left at the cairn to find anvil rock.

Zoom in on anvil rock, then look up for a hidden 
passageway. Remember the piece of paper you found on the 
beach? It's in your inventory, and it gives directions in 
terms of port and starboard ("left" and "right).

To get through the maze, follow the directions. That is, go 
L R R L L R R R L L R L L. You arrive at a dead end. Look 
at the design on the wall, which has a new GPS waypoint.

Return to Katie's boat. The new waypoint is 48 42.522 and 
123 08.799. Go to that location and use the zaptech device 
there to find binoculars.

Hilda calls you for the last time. She tells you to go to 
Whale World and use the binoculars on the ship in a bottle. 
Do this to find three symbols on the ship's sails. Do you 
recognize them?

The symbols are found in the sea caves! You have to solve 
both halves of the snake door puzzle to open the door to 
the sea caves. Enter this area through the lighthouse or 
the hidden passageways.

The symbol you press on the outside is the star. On in the 
inside, rotate the snakes so their mouths are on the 
trident symbol and the cross. This opens up a machine. Use 
the machine to open a hidden door in the sea caves.

Return to Katie's and use your kayak to reach the sea 
caves. Go through the now open doorway and pull up to the 
edge. The orca appears at this point. It's not a wild 
animal! This orca has been trained! It can even play fetch, 
if you put something in the water.

If you look around this area, you'll notice a harness and 
crates. Someone trained the orca to retrieve the crates 
from the shipwreck! The important thing here is a pair of 
gloves with Katie's name on them. Is Katie involved with 

Engdame Sequence

Leave the sea caves to get a phone call from Bess and 
George. When you kayak to Katie's, you'll notice that she's 
gone! Oh no!

Go to the Hot Kettle Café and ask Holt for help. He 
declines. If you ask Jenna, she declines, too.

Go to Whale World and ask Andy. You cannot ask him, without 
having asked Holt first. Andy agrees to help you. He takes 
you out to the boat where the smugglers are operating, 
which is near the site of the shipwreck.

Climb onboard the ship. You want to sneak around, but you 
don't want to get caught by the crew. To sneak around 
successfully, go left, forward and left. Nancy overhears 
the crew talking.

Go right, forward and right. Nancy sees that the crew is 
smuggling animal furs! Go forward and right, then make a U-
turn and go forward and right. Nancy hides behind a pillar. 
From here, go forward into the passage that leads 

The orca is here. Go around the orca pool to another room. 
Inside you find Katie, tied up and gagged. Pull down the 
gag and talk to her. She hears someone coming, so dodge 
left to hide.

The culprit is then revealed. When the culprit stops 
talking, make a bolt for the exit. When you reach the orca 
pool, the culprit catches up to Nancy. Grab one of the 
yellow air tanks on the left, then use it on the orca pool.

The orca believes you are playing fetch, and it throws the 
air tank back in your direction. It hits the culprit in the 
head. After this, the coast guard arrives to arrest the 
culprit. You get to see the ending and what happens to 
everyone afterwards!

004.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2014.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).