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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.3 on
Version 1.3 3/26/14

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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice 
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2014

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Nancy Drew: The 
Phantom of Venice". This game is available for the PC, and 
it is the 18th game in the Nancy Drew series of adventure 
games. In this game, Nancy goes to Venice.

To contact me about this guide, use my email address,

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:

The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Characters

Nancy Drew: Our hero, Nancy Drew, is a super mystery solver 
who has come to Venice to stop a recent crime spree.

Colin Baxter: An English man who specializes in repairing 

Margherita Faubourg: Owner of the house Nancy is staying 
in. She likes to tan.

Helena Berg: Nancy's roommate, a German reporter.

Antonio Fango: A suspected criminal who Nancy has been 
asked to watch.

Prudence Rutherford: The woman who got Nancy the job of 
stopping the Phantom. She calls you.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, who got her a pretty new 
locket. You can call him during this game.

Sophia Leporace: Nancy's contact with the Italian police.

Enrico Tazza: A man who wears a mask and fences stolen 
goods. He likes to play Scopa.

Gina: Someone who is an expert on security systems. She 
helps the criminal ring break into various places. 

Nico Petit: The Phantom of Venice. He is being given orders 
by one of the other characters.

004.  Walkthrough

Starting Things Off

The game begins with Nancy waking up in her room, in 
Venice. In this room, there are several things you can do. 
You can go to Nancy's wardrobe to change her outfit, and 
you can use the bathroom.

The other side of the room belongs to Helena, Nancy's 
roommate. She has some postcards and a book about Venice, 
which Nancy can look out. Next to Helena's bed is the 
phone, which Nancy can use.

Leave the bedroom to reach the main room of the building. 
Here, you meet Colin Baxter, an Englishman who is repairing 
the mosaics. He forces you to look at his tiles. You have 
to look at the tiles for a brief amount of time, because 
you can back away from them.

When you're done with Colin, you can move around. From the 
main room, you can go upstairs to reach the roof, where 
you'll find Margherita Faubourg, the owner of the Ca' 
Nascosta. Alternately, you can go outside to meet Helena, 
Nancy's roommate. Helena drops some letters that you need 
to pick up. After this, Helena can be found in the main 
room of the Ca.

Both Helena and Colin mention that a parcel was delivered 
for Nancy. Go outside. It is on the table, near a 
newspaper. The parcel has an ATM card for Nancy, which she 
can activate with the ATM at Piazza San Marco.

Leave the Ca, by going outside the gates. You have a map of 
Venice. To travel somewhere, click on that location. You 
can only travel to places connected to Nancy's current 
location. Traveling along the blue lines costs money.

Go to the Piazza San Marco. Aside from a small stand where 
you can purchase things, there is not much of interest 
here. Go directly to the ATM and use your card. You get a 
crime dossier, as well as some spy gear.

Watching Fango

You are going to spy on Antonio Fango, a suspected criminal 
who works in the Argon building, in the Campo Del Frari 
(near the Ca' Nascosta). Nancy's pager, which doubles as a 
phone, will beep when Antonio is in his office. When this 
happens, go to the roof and use the binoculars to see him.

Return to the Ca' Nascosta. Your pager goes off. Head to 
the roof and use the binoculars on the Argon Building. 
Margherita will talk to you, while you're watching Fango. 
Eventually, Nancy sees Fango receive a message via carrier 

Nancy goes to her room and reports this to Detective Sophia 
Leporace, who is her main contact. Sophia wants Nancy to 
feed a tracking device to the pigeon, so they will learn 
where the pigeon comes from. She also wants Nancy to learn 
what messages the pigeon is sending.

Before you can complete this mission, you need three 
things: the tracking device, bobby pins, and birdseed.

To get the tracking device, go to Campo Santa Maria 
Formosa, and enter the costume store. The tracking device 
is hidden here, and you have to find it. It is on the right 
side of a shoe box, on the left. If you are too slow to 
find it, the device self-destructs. You will then have to 
leave and return, and search for it again.

To get the bobby pins, go to Campo Del Frari. You will 
learn that Fango's office is locked. Nancy needs something 
that will open the doors. Once you do this, you can take 
bobby pins from the makeup kit inside Nancy's wardrobe.

To get the birdseed, buy some from one of the dispensers in 
Piazza San Marco or the Rialto market.

When you have the tracking device, bobby pins and birdseed, 
go to Campo Del Frari. Use the bobby pin on the lock for a 
puzzle. You want to click on the tumblers here, so they are 
all the same height. Do you see the horizontal black line? 
The tumblers must be all white above the line and all brown 
below it.

The puzzle solution is randomly determined. When you solve 
it, go inside the office. Search it, if you want to. When 
you're finished looking around, go to the window. Put the 
birdseed down, then put the tracking device down. The 
pigeon will eat it.

As you try to leave the office, Fango returns. Quickly go 
to the tall cabinet and hide inside it. Fango comes in and 
sends a message with the carrier pigeon. After this, he 

The poster falls down as you leave the cabinet. Put the 
poster back in place. You'll notice the orange mask is Il 
Capitano. If you go to Fango's computer, it wants the 
orange mask as a password. That means "Il Capitano" is the 

The trash files on Fango's computer indicate that he 
constantly books flights out of Italy, in case he needs a 
quick getaway. He also enjoys playing chess.

Enrico Tazza

Go to the map of Venice. You want to use the PDA here to 
locate the tracking device. Follow it to reach the Campo 
Santa Margherita. Your pigeon is here, along with many 
other pigeons. Click on the correct pigeon (it is facing 

The message the pigeon sent was "Hello!". Nancy calls 
Sophia, who says that the message probably contains a 
microdot. She wants you to look at it under a microdot. 
Since the message was delivered near Enrico Tazza, a 
suspected fencer of stolen goods, Sophia wants Nancy to 
investigate him.

If you knock on the door to the building, you are sent 
away. Go to the dumpster near the building. When you search 
through it, you learn that Colin is an ex-con using an 
assumed name. You also find a letter about an American spy 
named Samantha Quick.

Samantha is blonde, and she will wear a specific outfit: 
red dress, white gloves and black sunglasses. She is going 
to arrive at Enrico's place, after Carnevale.

Sounds like we have a great opportunity to impersonate 
Samantha! Go to the Campo Santa Maria Formosa and purchase 
a blonde wig, a red dress and white gloves. Go to the 
Piazza San Marco and get black sunglasses there.

Your PDA will beep. Go back to the Ca' and use your 
binoculars on the roof to watch Fango. He sends another 
message, because you intercepted his last one. If you 
report this to Sophia, she recommends ignoring it.

Go to Nancy's wardrobe and dress up like Samantha Quick. Go 
to Enrico Tazza's, and they let you inside. He has a job 
for you, but first, he wants you to play a round of Scopa.

Scopa is an Italian card game, in which you make matches. 
If there a 7 on the board, and a 7 in your hand, you can 
take the 7 off the board. Alternately, if there is a 7 in 
your hand, and a 3 and 4 on the board, you can take them 
both off, because 3 + 4 = 7.

You get a point if you clear the board. At the end of a 
round, a point is given to whoever has the 7 of coins. The 
player with the most cards overall gets a point, and the 
player with the most coin cards gets a point. The player 
with the most primes gets a point. In case of a tie, 
neither person gets a point.

The first person to 11 points wins. It takes multiple 
rounds to win.

Once you win, Enrico says that he has a client who wants 
the Sadal Melik sapphire. He wants you to steal it. He 
suggests consulting with Gina for help.

Il Dottore

After you get the message from Enrico Tazza's area, you can 
return to the Ca' Nascosta to find chocolates. According to 
the decoder in Fango's office, the message is "coppa safe". 
Why would someone send a message here? As you approach the 
doors, you hear everyone talk about Nancy.

Go inside and talk to Colin. Ask to use his microscope. Put 
the message in the microscope and use it to hat it reads 
"Il Dottore requests you to change the safe room lock 
combination to 43556".

Call Sophia or leave the area (which causes her to call 
you). She suspects that Il Dottore is the ringleader of the 
criminals. Il Dottore appears to be one of the three people 
at the Ca', so Sophia wants you to plant a bug on all three 
of them.

Go to the Piazza San Marco, and get three tracking devices 
from the ATM. Then return to the Ca'. Talk to Colin about 
the tesserae, and he will take it. Talk to Margherita about 
the sunglasses case, and she takes it.

Helena is currently using the bathroom, so you can plant 
the bug in her pen. Go to her writing area and take off the 
pen cap. Put the device inside.

The Sadal Melick Sapphire

Call Sophia. She wants you to steal the sapphire, and 
thereby win Enrico Tazza's trust. However, she cannot help 
you steal it.

Enrico said to get help from Gina. If you logged onto 
Fango's computer, you noticed that Fango plays chess with 
Gina. Go back to Campo del Frari and pick the lock to the 
office. When you approach the computer, Fagno arrives.

Hide in Fango's cabinet. He takes something from a cabinet, 
then leaves. If you go to the middle file cabinet, you'll 
see he took a Scopa card.

When Fango leaves, log onto his computer with the password 
"Il Capitano". Start a chess game with Gina. She uses the 
algebraic style of chess notation.

To solve this puzzle, it helps to read the book on chess at 
the kiosk near the ATM. This book explains how to write 
instructions in algebraic notation, and it has a grid which 
shows how to assign letters to different squares.

You want to steal the sapphire at the Palazzo Zattere. 
Therefore, you want to send the message "Zattere" to Gina. 
The seven letters in "Zattere" correspond to these seven 
spaces: B1 A4 D2 D2 E4 B2 E4. Move pieces to those seven 
spots, in that order.

Please note that, for every command, the first letter must 
correspond to a type of chess piece. The six possibilities 
are K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R 
for rook, P for pawn. So for the first command, B1, you can 
write KB1 or QB1 or BB1, etc. The same rule applies for all 
seven letters.

Gina says she will give you the necessary information at 
the Rialto market tomorrow. Go back to the Ca' Nascosta. 
Click on Nancy's bed to go to sleep. That night, Nancy's 
locket is stolen by the Phantom! The Phantom also takes the 
statuette near Colin.

As you leave the area, Nancy's pager goes off. Go to the 
roof and use the binoculars to see Margherita arguing with 
Fango. What is she doing in his office?

Go to the Rialto Market. Look at the recycling machine to 
see a bottle that has been left by Gina. It has a keycard 
and a microdot message. Return to the Ca' and use Colin's 
microscope to read the microdot.

Oops! The bulb in the microscope burned out. Colin says 
he'll replace it, if you do some tesserae work. This is not 
too difficult. Look at a photograph, then put the tesserae 
in place, according to the photo. Do this four times to 
finish the puzzle.

See the finished mosaic, then use the microscope to read 
the microdot. It says you need an anti-thermal suit, which 
you can get from Fausto at Club Micio. The note contains a 
picture of the password.

Go to Campo San Polo and enter Club Micio. You have to 
successfully complete a dance audition, in order to get the 
anti-thermal suit. There are six different dance moves you 
can perform. Click a button to perform the dance move.

Perform dance moves whenever you hear an audio cue, and 
whenever the lights change color. Do well enough, and you 
get the suit.

Go back to the Ca. As you approach, a vase starts the fall. 
Back away to avoid it. Go to Nancy's room and use her 
wardrobe to dress up in the black anti-thermal suit. As you 
leave the room, you might get a phone call.

Go to Palazzo Zaterre. Use your keycard on the keypad and 
enter the password that was on the microdot. This is the 
order you press the keys in:

4 6 2 3 5 1

The warehouse here has nine rooms, in a three-by-three 
grid. You start off in the upper/middle room. Each of the 
four corner rooms has a laser. You must go to those rooms 
and deactivate all four lasers. To deactivate a laser, walk 
onto it and pull the eight rods on the correct order. The 
order is randomly determined.

Once you deactivate all four lasers, go to the middle room 
and collect the sapphire.

There are robots in every room. If you get caught in a 
robot's line of sight, you have to restart a room.

The Chinese Puzzle Box

Once you have the sapphire, return to the Ca' and dress in 
the Samantha Quick costume: blonde wig, black sunglasses, 
white gloves, red dress and black shoes. Go to Enrico 
Tazza, and Nancy gives him the sapphire.

Enrico gets a phone call from Nico, who is the Phantom of 
Venice. Nico has a list of places he steals from, which he 
keeps safe inside a Chinese puzzle box. He accidentally 
left the puzzle box at the Ca, the last time he was there.

Enrico makes you play another game of Scopa. When you win, 
leave the area and return to the Ca'. The Chinese puzzle 
box is on Colin's work table.
There is a book on Chinese symbols at the kiosk by the ATM, 
if you need help. To solve the puzzle, press the four 
elements: wood, mountain, fire and water. Press the tiles 
in this order:


You get a list of Scopa cards. Each card represents a 
different location.

Go to Nancy's bed and sleep. The next day, Fango goes to 
his office to get another card. Look at him from the roof 
to make sure everything is clear, then go to Fango's. Look 
inside the file cabinets to see that he took the card for 
the Palazzo Orpello.

There is an additional puzzle in Fango's. Talk to 
Margherita for a flyer. When you enter the flyer's number 
(111#046) on Fango's fax machine, you get a printout that 
assigns musical notes to numbers. Enter the musical notes 
from the music box in Fango's office, which are 2 9 1 # * 9 
9 1 * 7 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 2 6 9 9 9 * # 9 1. This gives you the 
automated directory for the criminals. Press 2 twice to 
learn that they store things at Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

Catching the Phantom

Call Sophia. She says they will have a stakeout that night, 
and she wants Nancy to attend. Before you can do that, you 
must give the tracking devices to Colin, Margherita and 
Helena, do so now. You must also read the book in Nancy's 

Call Sophia a second time to start the stakeout. There are 
eleven hiding spots here. The four agents identify where 
they are located. If you see a human shadow in a hiding 
spot NOT occupied by an agent, click on it! It is Nico. 
Click on him three times to finish the challenge.

Here are the hiding spots:

L'ombrello rossi = red umbrella
L'ombrello blu = blue umbrella
Fiori rossi = red flowers
Fiori bianci = white flowers
Gato = cat
Albero = tree
Statua = statue
Fontana = fountain
Gondolas = entranceway in middle
Automobile = car
Porta = door on right
Parete = door on right

Nico is arrested, but he admits to nothing. The police 
found a propane receipt which reads 3447. Go to Campo Santa 
Margherita and open the propane container to find a key. In 
junior mode, you also find a map.

The key opens up the door at Campo Santa Maria Formosa. 
Note that you cannot see this door, if you have not used 
Fango's fax machine to learn that the safe house is here.

Water Maze

Use the key on the door and go inside. On the door to the 
right, you see the map of this area. You are at the red 
dot, and your goal is to reach the upper/right area. To get 
there, you need to drain the wells to raise and lower 

There are only three pieces of water to work with. The 
circle well fills from and drains the triangle. The 
triangle well fills from and drains the diamond. The 
diamond well fills from and drains the circle.

1. Fill the circle well, then go across the circle bridge.
2. Drain the circle well. Go down the ladder, then cross 
the circle bridge.
3. Drain the circle well. Go across the triangle bridge.
4. Drain the triangle well. Go to the diamond well.
5. Fill the diamond well. Go across the diamond bridge.
6. Drain the diamond well. Go down the ladder, then cross 
the diamond bridge.
7. Drain the diamond well. Go to the triangle bridge, but 
do not cross it.
8. Drain the triangle well. Go across the diamond bridge. 
Go up the ladder.
9. Fill the diamond well. Go up the ladder.
10. Fill the diamond well. Go across the diamond bridge.

You're done! Turn left and go up the ladder. Take the 
flashlight here and use it. Nancy goes along the tunnels to 
the safe room. The first microdot we intercepted says the 
password is 43556, so use that on the door to enter.

Nancy goes inside and finds evidence which proves the 
identity of Il Dottore!

Soon after this, the room starts to fill with water. Go 
left and work with the gauges. You want to make it so all 
the gauges are at the center line. If one gauge hits the 
top line, the game ends. To drain a gauge, spin the handle 
clockwise. To fill a gauge, spin the handle conter-

Here is a solution:

Move #2 down twice. 
Move #1 up five times.
Move #3 down three times.
Move #4 down four times
Move #5 up five times.

After this, leave the room and go up a rope ladder. Nancy 
calls Sophia. It looks like Nancy has to catch the culprit 
herself! The PDA says where the culprit was last seen, and 
what type of transportation the culprit is using.

Use this information to intercept the culprit and end the 

005.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2014.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).