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: : : : Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy Difference Detective Guide

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy Difference Detective Guide

by The Lost Gamer   Updated on
Version 1.0 4/20/09 

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Difference Detective

An In-Depth FAQ
Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

By Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Difference Detective
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is an in-depth walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy 
Drew: Haunting of Castle Malloy. It focuses on the Difference 
Detective minigame, found inside the Screaming Banshee Inn.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, 
but make the subject blank if you do, so I know it's not spam.

002-Difference Detective 

Difference Detective is a game where you are given two pictures. 
To win the game, you must spot the twelve differences between 
the two pictures before the time runs out. Guessing incorrectly 
will make several seconds drop off the clock.

There are ten levels to this game, and I will list all the 
levels with their solutions here.

Robot Soccer

1. The bow on robot's hair is gone.
2. A spaceship in the background is gone.
3. Another spaceship is tilted.
4. The girl's ponytail is tilted.
5. The soccer ball is tilted.
6. The robot has teeth-like lips in one picture, and normal lips 
in the other.
7. The goalie is gone.
8. The cleats are gone.
9. The girl's socks have three lines in one picture, and two in 
the other.
10. The line that indicates the edge of the soccer field is 
11. A tuft of grass near the girl's foot is gone.
12. The bolt in the eye of the robot whose face you can't 
completely see is gone.


1. The robber's mustache is gone.
2. The sun is gone.
3. A coin from the moneybag is gone.
4. The dollar sign on the moneybag is gone.
5. The license plate is gone.
6. The hood ornament is gone.
7. The light on the back fender is gone.
8. The police sign on the wagon is gone.
9. A stripe on the cat's back leg is gone.
10. The bolt on the fire hydrant is gone.
11. A line on the front corner of the car is gone.
12. The shadow on the curb is gone.
Butterfly Catching

1. The butterfly above the mom's net is gone.
2. The butterfly right of the mom's hand is gone.
3. The butterfly on the right-hand side of the picture is gone.
4. The butterfly above the girl's jar is turned. 
5. The butterfly under the net is upside-down.
6. The bee below the lowest butterfly is gone.
7. Lines on the butterfly net are gone.
8. Part of the bushes between the mom and daughter are gone.
9. A tuft of grass near the mom's shoe is gone.
10. The middle leg of the bug in the jar is gone.
11. The girl's headband is gone.
12. The rock in front of the girl's shoe is gone. 

Cooking on the Moon

1. The antenna thingy inside the satellite dish is missing the 
left picture.
2. Extra star right of satellite dish is missing in the left 
3. The Earth in the sky has rotated.
4. The right picture has no reflective glare on the round 
5. There is a toy in the corner of the square window on the 
right picture.
6. A mushroom in the salad has disappeared.
7. There is a red strip on the trailer's left fender.
8. The small crater to the left of the trailer has disappeared.
9. The lower hinge on the trailer door has disappeared.
10. On the right picture, the spatula has no slots.
11. There are only two hamburgers on the grill on the right 
12. The bow on the girl's helmet disappears on the right 

Fishing in the Sky

1. The old man's hat has lures on it.
2. The dog is sticking out its tongue.
3. The ring holding the oar has disappeared.
4. The bird left of the old man is gone.
5. The bobber is missing.
6. The worm on the hook is tilted.
7. The cloud in the top left is missing.
8. The cloud on the right is shaped differently.
9. A feather coming off of a bird is gone.
10. The wing on that same bird has disappeared.
11. There are three circles holding the fishing line in place in 
the right picture, but there are four in the left.
12. The reeling device (used to release the line--it's by the 
man's hands) is missing from the left picture. 

Artist Picture

1. The spike at the top of the umbrella is gone.
2. The handle at the bottom of the umbrella is turned.
3. The top of the artist's beret is gone.
4. Part of the artist's moustache is gone.
5. A flower is gone.
6. The decoration on the flower vase is gone.
7. The lady's head band is gone.
8. The lace on the lady's dress is gone.
9. The ruffles at the bottom of the lady's dress is gone.
10. The glare on the picture of the Eiffel Tower.
11. The red crayon is brown in one picture.
12. The clip on the canvas is gone.

Panda is Watching TV

1. The panda's ear is turned.
2. The panda's mouth is open.
3. The panda's foot is gone.
4. The panda ate all the potato chips! What a pig.
5. The TV remote is longer in the right picture.
6. The end of the TV antenna is gone.
7. The screw on the back of the TV is gone.
8. The chain hanging from the ceiling light is gone.
9. The switch on the lamp switch is gone.
10. The soda bottle reads 6 in one picture, but 8 in the other.
11. The spiral on the arm of the couch is gone.
12. The fringe on the blanket on the back of the couch is gone.

The Singing Cowboy

1. The cowboy's freckles are gone.
2. The cowboy's cuff link has changed.
3. The button on the cowboy's shirt is gone.
4. One of the tuners on the end of the guitar is gone.
5. The boot strap is gone.
6. The stirrup is gone.
7. The top of the silver thingy (I don't know what it's called) 
on his boot is gone.
8. The cloud left of the cowboy is gone.
9. The horse's earplug is gone.
10. A line one the left side of a mountain is gone.
11. The music note left of the bird is filled in on the left 
picture, but not on the right.
12. The music note right of the bird is a double-note in the 
right picture, but not the left.

Shark and Girl

1. The rubber duck is upside-down.
2. The shark has nostrils in the right photo
3. The shark has three gills in one photo, and two in the other.
4. There is a water splash near the top of the fence, left of 
the shark in the left picture.
5. The tooth on the lower/left corner of the shark's mouth is in 
the left picture.
6. A tuft of grass below the fish disappears on the right 
7. The direction of the nozzle on the hose changes position.
8. One of the handprints on the wading pool (just above the 
fish) is missing.
9. One of the spots on the girl's green floatie has disappeared.
10. One of the tendrils of water splash on the front of the 
shark is missing.
11. A plank of the fence is shorter in one picture.
12. There's a hole in the splash of water on shark's left fin

Dinos in Hats

1. The T-rex's tongue is gone.
2. The T-rex's poncho design is different.
3. The vulture on the sign is gone.
4. The cactus between the two dinosaurs is missing some spikes.
5. The "Kids Free" sign in one picture reads "Free kids" in the 
6. The landscape behind the brontosaurus is missing a cliff.
7. The brontosaurus' mouth is different.
8. The man's sunglasses are gone.
9. The man's shirt has a fish in place of a palm tree on the 
left picture.
10. The woman styled her bangs differently.
11. The bunny rabbit has become a dog.
12. The man taking a picture is missing a yellow label on his 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2009. If you want to 
use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under 
general information)