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: : : : Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull FAQ/Walkthrough

Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.3 on
Version 1.3 5/16/13

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Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Glass Eye Locations
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Nancy Drew: 
Legend of the Crystal Skull". This game is the 17th game in 
the Nancy Drew series of adventure games. In this game, 
Nancy goes to New Orleans and solves a mystery involving a 
crystal skull.

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002-Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to solve the game's 
puzzles, rather than read how to solve the puzzles? You're 
in luck! I made a video walkthrough for this game, which 
can be found here:

The videos come complete with my live commentary.


Nancy Drew: Our hero, Nancy Drew, is a super mystery solver 
who is on vacation in New Orleans.

Henry Bolet, Jr.: Henry is the friend of Nancy's boyfriend, 
Ned. He was named the executor of his great uncle's estate 
in New Orleans.

Renee Amande: Bruno Bolet's housekeeper, who believes in 
the power of hoodoo and magical herbs. She lives on the 
Bolet property.

Dr. Bruno Bolet: Henry's great uncle who died. He was a 
dentist who owned many glass eyes. Rumor has it that he 
also owned a crystal skull.

Lamont Warrick: The owner of a curio shop named Zeke's. He 
might be willing to resort to illegal methods, in order to 
get all of Dr. Bolet's goods, especially the crystal skull.

Dr. Gilbert Buford: Dr. Bolet's best friend. The two of 
them were members of the Jolly Rogers Krewe. 

Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend, who is with her on the 
trip to New Orleans. Bess is not good at detective work, 
but she has to do some in order to solve the mystery. 

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, who asked her to check up 
on Henry Bolet, after the death of Henry's only living 

Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss: One of Nancy's acquaintances. 
She is a historian, and she knows a lot about the crystal 

Summer: Henry's girlfriend. She has a bad habit of always 
wanting more and more things from him.

Chas Milo: The authenticator who was hired to check the 
veracity of the crystal skull. He determined that it was 
not made by technology from this century (or the two 
previous centuries).


To start the game, click on the plane ticket and choose 
either junior or senior detective. The game starts with 
Nancy going up to the Bolet house, during a storm. Click on 
the front door to enter. Nancy goes inside, and she is 
attacked by a skeleton man.

When Nancy wakes up, a woman offers her a drink. It doesn't 
matter if you choose to drink it or not. It is explained 
that the old woman is Renee Amande, and she was Bruno 
Bolet's housekeeper. Henry Bolet is here in this room; he 
is in a bad mood.

Move forward to stand up. This room is the library. Henry 
is working in a corner in this room. From here, you can go 
through the double doors to the hallway, or you can go 
outside to the garden (where Renee works).

Exploring the House

The first order of business is to explore the house. Talk 
to Henry in the library to learn more about him and his 
situation with Bruno's estate.

To the left of Henry is a card catalogue and trophies for 
various miniature models. One of the trophies on the lower 
shelf has a glass eye inside it. Pick up the trophy and 
look inside it to get the eyeball. That's all you can do 
inside the library for now.

Go to the hallway and walk down it. To the left of the main 
door is the foyer, where Nancy was attacked. Inside the 
fireplace, you can get charcoal and a burnt receipt. Right 
of the fireplace, you find an etching that the skeleton man 
left behind.

There is a miniature model of a cemetery here. This model 
is based on the cemetery, which is located outside. Look at 
the model cemetery. You can open up the Forty Winks 
Mausoleum model to get a glass eyeball, and you can find a 
puzzle on top of the Bolet Mausoleum (up and left of the 

The coffee table here has a puzzle. In this puzzle, you 
want to move the kicker piece around, until you can get it 
to the bottom/right hand area.

In Junior Mode, move the square block four spaces above the 
left marble. Move the marble up. Move the square four 
spaces right of the marble, then move the marble right. 
Move the marble up, then move the right marble left. The 
two marbles block two lasers.

Now you want to move the square to the final laser. Do this 
by moving it right, up, right, up, and right three times. 
Move it down three times, left twice, and down. Now move it 
right, down and right to block the laser. You can now move 
the kicker to the eyeball slot.

In Senior Mode, you have more marbles to work with. First 
off, move the square up three times and right four times. 
This partially blocks the left laser, so you can get to the 
right of a marble. Move this marble left, up and right, so 
it blocks off the first laser completely.

Move the square right twice. You have two marbles in the 
same column now. Move the bottom marble up, then right, 
then up. It blocks the second laser.

Now move the square one up, then one right. Move the 
leftmost marble right and up, to block the third laser.
Move the rightmost marble to the left. It is above the 
square. Move the square right one, then move the marble up 
to block the fourth lasers.

From here, the solution is basically the same as in Junior 
Mode. You want to move the square to the final laser. Do 
this by moving it up and right three times. Move it down 
three times, left twice, and down. Now move it right, down 
and right to block the laser. You can now move the kicker 
to the eyeball slot.

Solving the coffee table puzzle gets you an eyeball.

There is nothing else to do in the foyer, besides pick up 
two eyeballs, the piece of paper on the ground, the receipt 
in the fireplace and the piece of charcoal.

You can go upstairs, if you want. Henry's room is unlocked. 
In a desk in this room, you can get another eyeball. That's 

Go back to the library, then go outside. You can talk to 
Renee, who spends her time potting plants near the doors. 
You can also explore the garden and go through the gates to 
the cemetery.

In the cemetery, go north twice to reach the Bolet 
Mausoleum. It is locked. Zoom in on one of the four 
etchings. Aha, the piece of paper left behind by the 
skeleton man is an etching of the mausoleum!

Nancy needs paper to finish the etchings. Go to Renee and 
ask her for some. If you have not picked up the etching in 
the foyer, or if you have not examined the etchings on the 
mausoleum, you can't ask Renee for paper.

Renee gives you the key to her room. Go back into the house 
and go upstairs. Renee's room is on the top floor. Open it 
with the key. Papers are in the drawer left of the bed, and 
candy bars are in the bottom drawer. Take as many candy 
bars as you like, at least until Nancy gets sick.

There are hoodoo signs on the wall here. In the corner is a 
chest, with eighteen buttons. You want to push the buttons 
to recreate the four glyphs in the corners here.

If the top button is #1, and you number the buttons in 
clockwise order, the solutions are these:

Top/left: 1, 4, 7, 15.
Top/right: 5, 8, 10, 12.
Bottom/left: 2, 9, 16, 17.
Bottom/right: 11, 13, 14, 18.

When you flip all four glyphs, the chest opens. Inside is a 
book of hoodoo signs. Read it, then go back and forth 
between the book and the signs on the wall. The signs on 
the wall read "bah zah loo pah dee moo kah".

Go back to Renee and give her the chocolate. If you ask her 
about the hoodoo signs, she says that she heard that 
particular sequence of sounds, coming from the other side 
of the wall, multiple times.

Go to the mausoleum, now that you have paper. Use the paper 
on the four frames of the mausoleum to get all four 
etchings. If you don't have the paper, or the charcoal from 
the fireplace, this does not work.

Return to the foyer. Zoom in on the miniature cemetery and 
examine the Bolet Mausoleum. The top of it has a puzzle. 
You want to press the buttons to make the four squares 
equal the four etchings. They are...

Crow  Bones
Worm  Coffin

Solving the puzzle gets you a key. Go to the Bolet 
Mausoleum again, and you see Henry outside it, weeping 
profusely. You can use the key to get inside the mausoleum. 
Inside is a portrait. You can put this in the empty picture 
frame in the foyer.

Bess Goes to Zeke's

There is nothing else Nancy can do in the Bolet house at 
this point, so call Bess. After you find the receipt in the 
fireplace, you can call Bess at any time.

Nancy gives Bess the mission of finding the receipt, seeing 
as Bess is close to the store named Zeke's. Go inside the 
store. A man named Lamont is at the counter, and he says 
that the receipt is for a box of assorted, unknown items 
purchased from Henry Bolet.

Earlier, Renee told Nancy that she suspects Henry is 
selling Dr. Bolet's possessions on the sly. It looks like 
Renee's suspicions are true! Henry sold a box of Dr. 
Bolet's things to Lamont. This box is current in the back 
of the shop.

Bess needs to figure out a way to distract Lamont, so she 
can get to the box. Right of the door to the shop, you find 
a cabinet. Take the sneezing powder from the right side of 
the cabinet, as it will come in handy.

Turn left to face the wall with the piano. You have three 
shelves and many items. You can move things around, in 
order to form a device which shoves sneezing powder in the 
face of anyone who steps on the scale.

The top shelf has teeth on the right, sneezing powder left 
of the teeth and an accordion left of the sneezing powder. 
A bowling ball goes on the stand on the left.

The middle shelf has a fan on the left and a boat to the 
right of the fan.

The bottom shelf has a shrunken head on the far left. Right 
of it is a thick book, and right of that is a series of 
books. Right of that is a hula doll, and right of that is a 

Step on the scale to test out the device. If you have 
everything correct, Bess will call Lamont over. The device 
works, and he starts sneezing like crazy. He sends Bess to 
get the nose spray from the back of the shop.

Go to the back of the shop and open up the box of items 
from Henry Bolet. It contains a skeleton man costume and 
two photographs, one of Bruno and his dog, and one of 
Bruno's pet iguana. There is also a container.

The container is locked, and there is a letter on top of 
it. Behind the letter is a series of numbers. You want to 
match the numbers to the letter. For example, the first 
series of numbers are 1, 3, 32. This means you get the 
first letter, the third letter after it, and the thirty-
second letter after that.

It turns out that the letters you need are "leben und tod". 
Enter that into the container's lock. The box is empty, 
although it has a hollowed-out carving which is the same 
size and shape of a human skull. There is a letter about 
the crystal skull which fits into the hollow.

Bess calls Nancy and informs her about what she found.

Bruno's Secret Room

Bess saw a picture of an iguana, which is Nancy's clue to 
find the iguana. It is inside the library, on some books. 
Zoom in on it, and the books are knocked to the ground.

Henry makes Nancy put the books back together. Thanks for 
the job, Henry.

In the upper/right corner, place the small green book 
(which goes left and right). Under it, you can place a blue 
book and a set of two blue books. They perfectly fill out 
the right side of the box.

Place the widest book (which is black/blue) on the bottom 
of the empty space. Place the two tallest books (which are 
green and blue, with matching designs) side-by-side, 
against the left wall.

Place the widest book (which is red) at the bottom of the 
space. Place the tallest book (which is red) against the 
left wall. Place the widest book (which is red) against the 
bottom of the space. Place the tallest book (which is 
orange) against the left wall.

Place the widest book (which is a set of two red books) at 
the bottom of the space. Place the two remaining books into 
the remaining space.

There are multiple solutions to the book puzzle. When 
you're done, take the book on crystal skulls. It's by 
Professor Hotchkiss, a character from the fourth Nancy Drew 
game. Read the book all the way through, and pick up the 
strange piece of paper found inside the book.

At this point, you can call Professor Hotchkiss on Nancy's 
phone. You don't have to call Professor Hotchkiss in order 
to beat the game.

Go to the foyer, and put the portrait of Henry's parents 
back in place, if you haven't already. You'll notice that 
each portrait contains someone holding an item. The piece 
of paper in the crystal skulls book refers to the items in 
the portraits. The paper reads:


And the items are:

Toothbrush banana fax monkey
lollipop hat axe poodle umbrella

Move portraits around, until they are in that order. This 
opens a secret door. Go through the door, and Nancy 
overhears Henry talking with his girlfriend, Summer.

There is a peephole at the base of the stairs here. Use the 
switch next to it to zoom in on a book in the library.

Go up the stairs in the hidden passageway. A locked door is 
at the top. Examine the lock to see a spiderweb design.

Go outside. In the middle of the garden is a dry fountain. 
By the drain is a spider. Pluck the webs, in the order 
indicated by the lock on the door of the hidden passageway. 
You get a key.

Go back inside. While you're here, get the eyeball from the 
book in the library. Then, go up the hidden staircase and 
open the door with the spider's key.

You end up in Bruno's secret room. There are many things 
for you to examine here. Against a wall is a cabinet, with 
a picture of a ship and an octopus. Open the cabinet to 
find an eyeball. Take it, and Nancy notes that all the 
glass eyeballs go here.

There is a skee-ball machine here. This is a game, in which 
you roll a ball onto the tiles. You want to flip all the 
tiles, until they all turn into eyeballs. I find it easiest 
to do the left column first, then the middle column, then 
the right column. When you're done, you get a glass 

Right of the skee-ball machine is a pirate dummy, sitting 
in a dentist's chair. It can make various sounds. We know 
that Renee sometimes heard the sounds "bah zah loo pah dee 
moo kah" coming from the wall, so insert those sounds into 
the dummy's sound box.

The dummy says all of those sounds. Its eye pops out. Take 
the eye, as well as a token and a piece of paper containing 
a longish puzzle.

Right of the dummy are the vents, along with a small 
wardrobe. Bruno Bolet liked to dress up his iguana in this 

Right of this is Dr. Bolet's desk. On the top shelf, you 
have a machine with a glass eyeball. Pull the lever and 
grab the eyeball when it is outside of the machine.

On this desk is information about Bruno joining the Jolly 
Rogers Krewe, a group of people who dressed up in skeleton 
man costumes. There is a calendar of Jolly Rogers meetings 
on the desk. Read it all the way through, and Nancy notes 
that there is a meeting today, at Rampart and Dumaine, 
where Bess is.

There is also a book on the desk. Bruno wrote this book 
himself. Read it all the way through to find clues for 
various puzzles. I will list these puzzles in separate 

Right of the desk, on the other side of the room, you find 
another desk. This one has a gumball machine. Use the token 
from the pirate dummy's eye on the machine to get a glass 

Also on this desk is a jack-in-the-box. This jack-in-the-
box has a distinct melody. Play with it, until the spider 
pops up.

To leave the secret room, pull on the candleholder above 
this desk. Then, go back to the spider's web in the 
fountain outside and repeat the melody: C, C, C, D, E, E, 
E, D, C, D, E, C. You get an eyeball.

While you're downstairs, talk to Henry. After you open the 
cabinet in the secret room, you can talk to Henry about his 
glass eyeball keychain. Nancy will blackmail Henry into 
giving it to her.

Dr. Gilbert Buford

Once you read the entire book on crystal skulls, you can 
talk to Henry about how Bruno Bolet died. Henry will show 
you his death certificate.

Nancy notes Dr. Gilbert Buford's phone number on the death 
certificate. You can call Dr. Buford's answering service to 
learn that he is on the corner of Rampart and Dumaine.

Call Bess Marvin, who is in the area. Nancy asks her to 
speak with Dr. Buford. He is the elderly man, eating gumbo 
and reading a newspaper. You can talk to him about many 
things, but the important thing to talk about is Bruno 
Bolet's death.

Dr. Buford will realize that Bruno Bolet had a heart 
attack, while reading a letter. Iggy the Iguana stole this 
letter and hid it in the vent system.

When you learn this information, Nancy will be able to use 
loquats to get Iggy out of the vent system (located in 
Bruno's secret room). To get a loquat, approach the tree in 
the garden. This starts a minigame, in which you shoot 
wasps with spray. Shoot all the wasps, to make them 
unconscious for a short period of time. You get a loquat if 
all of the wasps are unconscious at the same time.

Go back up to the secret room. Use the loquat on the vent, 
and Iggy appears. Dress him up like an ophthalmologist (eye 
doctor). This means giving him glasses, a badge which reads 
OD, and a ophthalmoscope. When you're done, back away, and 
Iggy gives you a glass eyeball.

Go back down to the garden and get another loquat. Return 
to the secret room. This time, dress Iggy up as a mailman. 
This means he gets a blue hat and blue tie, along with a 
black bag. Back away, and Iggy retrieves a letter from an 

The letter indicates the crystal skull was a fake. Call the 
authenticator to learn that the LETTER is a fake. Someone 
induced Bruno's heart attack, by giving him a fake letter. 
But who would do such a thing, and why? Did someone kill 
Bruno to get a crystal skull?

Time Will Tell

The "Time Will Tell" puzzle comes in three parts, according 
to Bruno's book. Part one mentions various times: 12, 3, 5, 
8, 2 and 11.

Set the grandfather clock to those times. After each time, 
press the eyeball button on the top of the clock. When 
you're done, you get an eyeball.

You have to do the same thing with parts two and three of 
"Time Will Tell". Part 2's times are 12, 7, 10, 3, 2 and 1. 
Part 3's are 12, 8, 10, 4, 9 and 11.

A Librarian's Tale

Read through the card catalog to the left of Henry. Nancy 
will take note of the book entitled "A Librarian's Tale". 
This book is above the card catalogue.

Many of the books in the card catalog mention eyes. If you 
add up their call numbers, you get 1540. This is the number 
which unlocks the lock on "A Librarian's Tale". Inside this 
book is a glass eyeball.

Quincy Booker's Teeth

Bruno's book talks about the dental history of Quincy 
Booker. If you don't know about dentistry, you can use the 
dental chart in the secret room as a reference.

Go to the library. One of the shelves has teeth for 
bookends. The number of books on these shelves match the 
number of teeth in an average person's mouth. You want to 
pull on the books, as if they are teeth.

First do the children's teeth:

1xxx2   3xxxx
xxxxx   x4xxx

Then do the adult's teeth:

xxxxxxxx   xxx2xxxx
xxxxx1xx   xx3xxxx4

Pulling the books in the correct order gets you a glass 

Steps in the Right Direction

This story in Bruno's book mentions his shovel being used 
at Charlie Wicker's grave.

Go to the area with Renee. The shovel is on the wall here. 
Examine it, and Renee makes a deal with Nancy. If Nancy can 
get five painted conks, Renee will give her the shovel.

Take the path left of the fountain in the garden. A 
mushroom is on the lawn. Go to the gate leading to the 
cemetery, then turn around. The second mushroom is there.

Go into the cemetery. The third mushroom is left of the 
tree, and the fourth one is by the exit, left of the Bolet 

As Renee indicated, the fifth mushroom is in the swamp, to 
the far right. Go there. It's on a log. When you grab it, 
an alligator appears and hurts Nancy.

Return to Renee. Give her the mushrooms, and Nancy mentions 
the alligator. Bernie is trained to eat things, whenever 
someone steps on the log. Renee claims she forgot that 
Bernie was there.

Get the shovel and head to Sleeping Meadows. Charlie 
Wicker's grave lists WNESWNWSENENESW.

Enter the gravesite. Bruno's shovel holds up a certain 
number of fingers, indicating how far you should travel. 
For example, the first direction is W, and the shovel holds 
up four fingers. Therefore, move west four times.

The trip you have to take is four west, two north, one 
east, three south, two west, two north, three west, three 
south, one east, two north, one east, three north, four 
east, five south and two west.

When you're done, you can dig up the ground with the 
shovel. You find a canister. Open it with the shovel to get 
a glass eyeball. The shovel breaks, leaving you with the 
skeleton arm.

The Statues Are Key

This section of Bruno's book has a picture of a buzzard's 
head. Go outside. In the garden, you can find Bruno's 
elaborate tomb. It has four bird statues by it, as well as 
a buzzard on top of it. Pressing the statues' heads will 
affect the feathers on the buzzard's head in various ways.

Pressing the first statue puts out the third feather, while 
bringing in the fifth and sixth feathers halfway. Pressing 
the second statue puts out the first, third and fifth 
feathers halfway. Pressing the third statue brings the 
first feather in halfway and puts the fourth feather out 
halfway. Pressing the fourth statue brings out the third 
and sixth feathers halfway.

Face the bird statues. Press their heads in this order: 3, 
3, 2, 1 and 4. This puts the feathers out to the correct 

The buzzard drops a key. Use the key on the base of all 
four statues to get four glass eyes.

The Denizens of the Cemetery

There was a note, contained in the eye socket of the pirate 
dummy. It tells you to look for various denizens of the 
cemetery. The book in the foyer, which has a list of 
everyone buried in the cemetery, is helpful here.

First is the last denizen buried on Bruno's guard. Page 91 
of the book in the foyer tells us this is Tammy Tassleman. 
Open up the note and type that in.

Tammy is buried in Terra Siesta. Go there and find her 
grave. Her tombstone has a clue for the next person, 
someone who made a lot of noise while sleeping.

That would be Constance Norring, whose name sounds like 
"constant snoring". Type her name in, then go to Crowing 
Crypts. Constance's clue leads you to Justin Thyme, in 
Sorrow Park.

Type in Justin's name, then go to Sorrow Park. His clue 
leads to Manny Kinn, at Writhing Roots. Her clue leads to 
Owen Moore, at Sorrow Park. His clue leads to Neil Down, at 
Crowing Crypts. His clue leads to Myra Maines, at Terra 
Siesta. Her clue leads to Rose Winterspring, at Slumber 
Gardens. Her clue leads to Polly Ester Givens, at Forty 
Winks Mausoleum.

Go to Polly's grave. Open up the name plaque to find a 
note. It says to find someone who has the same name as 
Bruno's old dog. Call Bess at this point. She saw an old 
picture of Bruno's dog.

As Bess, talk to Lamont about the gumbo stand outside. He 
likes it, but the hot sauce gives his stomach instant fits. 
Offer to give him some gumbo, then go outside.

Order a gumbo to go, and add hot sauce. Return to Lamont 
and give it to him. His stomach gets fits. While he is 
distracted, go in the back room and open up the box. The 
dog's name is Grant.

Bess tells this to Nancy. Derek Grant is buried at Writhing 
Roots. Go there and open up the box by the headstone. You 
get Iggy's pirate hat and an eyeball.

Get another loquat for Iggy, and return to the secret room. 
Use the loquat to lure Iggy down. Dress Iggy up as a 
pirate, with the pirate hat on his head, a white collar 
with parrot and a sword belt. Iggy will retrieve a pirate 

The plaque on the chest says that it opens to the name 
chanted at the start of Jolly Rogers Krewe meetings. If you 
haven't already, read the calendar on the desk in this 
room. It says a Jolly Rogers Krewe meeting is today, near 
Bess' hotel.

Call Bess. Nancy tells her to get a skeleton man costume 
and infiltrate the meeting with the password, "scuttled 

As Bess, go to the alley on the right. Turn left to reach 
the backdoor of Zeke's. You can use Bess' powder on the 
keypad here to determine which keys have been pressed.

The answer is 28905. Insert that, then go to the box and 
open it. Bess will put on the skeleton man costume. Leave 
Zeke's, then go down to the end of the alley. Knock on the 
door and say the password, "scuttled bones".

At the meeting, the Jolly Rogers discover that Bess is an 
impostor, but she is able to determine the identity of one 
of the Jolly Rogers. More importantly, Bess gets the name 
Nancy needs: Jean Lafitte.

As Nancy, enter Jean Lafitte into the treasure chest to get 
the final eyeball.

Plentiful Pirates and Nautical Nonsense

When you have all 25 eyeballs, put them inside the cabinet 
in Bruno's secret room. The final section of Bruno's book 
tells you how to position the eyeballs.

1-5: South, west, south, east, left
6-7: Down, down
8-12: Up, down, east, east, left
13-16: East, down, down, down
17-20: Down, left, north, west
21-22: Right, left
23-25: Down, right, left

When you solve the puzzle, you get a jeweled eyeball and a 
drawing. The drawing indicates that the skeleton arm in 
your inventory fits together with a lightning rod.

Go outside and walk down the path by the fountain. Have you 
noticed the fireflies? Go towards them. The wall behind 
them is covered in ivy. Move the ivy aside and push the 

Now go to the backside of the wall. You can climb the 
stones to reach the lightning rod. Take it. Return to Bruno 
Bolet's crypt and look down at the hole.

Put the lightning rod into the hole, then put the skeleton 
arm on the lightning rod. The skeleton's hand opens up. Put 
the jeweled eyeball on the skeleton's hand.

Lightning strikes, and Nancy is lowered to the bottom of 
the crypt, where Bruno hid the crystal skull. A clever 
hiding spot, indeed! Go forward and pick it up.

The culprit arrives and forces Nancy to give up the crystal 
skull. The culprit then runs away, leaving Nancy tapped in 
the tomb.

Turn around to find a puzzle. There are a number of tiles 
on the wall here. What you want to do is click on one tile, 
then click on another tile. If the two tiles have matching 
pictures on them, they get taken off of the board. Make all 
the matches, and Nancy is freed.

The culprit left muddy footprints behind. Follow the 
footprints to the cemetery, then go to the swamp. The 
culprit tries to escape on a boat. When you have the 
opportunity to do so, click on the log.

Bernie the alligator appears and attempts to eat something, 
like he does whenever anyone steps on the log. This time, 
the thing he eats is the crystal skull.

The game ends at this point, and you get to see what 
happens to all of the characters.

005-Glass Eye Locations

1. Inside one of the trophies, left of Henry.
2. Inside the coffee table in the foyer.
3. Inside the Forty Winks Mausoleum, in the model cemetery.
4. Inside the drawer of the desk in Henry's room.
5. Inside the "Eye of the Beholder" book, seen from the 
peephole in the hidden staircase. 
6. In the cabinet where the glass eyeballs go.
7. This is the eye of the pirate dummy.
8. Inside the pendulum in Bruno's secret room.
9. Use the token from the pirate dummy's eye on the gumball 
10. Play skeeball and set all the tiles to eyes.
11. Play the melody from the jack-in-the-box on the 
12. Dress up Iggy as an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).
13. This is Henry's keychain. You can blackmail Henry into 
giving it to you, after seeing the cabinet where the glass 
eyeballs go.
14. Solve "Time Will Tell", Part 1.
15. Solve "Time Will Tell", Part 2. 
16. Solve "Time Will Tell", Part 3.
17. Inside the book "A Librarian's Tale".
18. Solve the Quincy Booker's Teeth puzzle.
19. Solve the "Steps in the Right Direction" puzzle.
20-23. Solve "The Statues Are Key" for four eyeballs.
24. Solve the cemetery denizens puzzle, found inside the 
pirate dummy.
25. Open the treasure chest that Iggy gets for you.


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